The Fast Lane to Manifestation: No Fluff, Pure Power

28 Nov 2023 | MIND

Empowered Beauty

Creation is finished, and it’s already done. Let’s just start with this from my own experience. Once I accept that, my things show up like magic. There have been so many random things that I’ve wanted in my life so far — beautiful car, home in the forest, loyal friends, awesome experiences, stunning wardrobe, my dog — just a bunch of fun things that I’ve wanted to experience joy. And at the foundation of all of these manifestations was an acceptance of this statement: “It’s already done.” In fact, “It’s already done” is my most successful affirmation. I use it as a mantra as I am thinking of whatever it is that I now prefer.

So, the first tip to manifest quickly would be to get into a quiet spot and allow a scene of what you desire to come to your mind. As you whisper to yourself, “It’s already done,” repeat this mantra as many times as you want until you feel a vibrational shift. Normally, what I feel is the biggest dose of calmness ever. I feel certain, clear, and laser-focused. I feel a subtle yet strong confidence in myself, and then I can do and affirm what I’m seeing right now in my mind. Feel free to use different variations of this mantra—whatever words feel right to you.

The power lies not in the words but in how saying them makes you feel. Now, believing in it is crucial. Reciting “It’s already done” won’t do much if you don’t believe it. Spend time learning about the universe, creation, and the laws that govern our realities. Understanding how manifestation works is key to manifesting quickly every single time.

To manifest quickly, start by finding a quiet place. Picture what you want, whisper "It's already done" until you feel a vibrational shift in how you feel. This brings calmness, certainty, and focus.

Knowing that all creation is done and accepting that what you want is already yours is the foundation of manifesting quickly. I used this approach to achieve my health goals, losing 21kg, despite the challenges of the mind that loves to sabotage goals. The next crucial point is to focus your attention without contradiction. Anything that you give your attention to without contradiction will be a very fast manifestation for you. Your vibration doesn’t have to be strong; it just has to be pure.

To manifest quickly, accept that it’s already done, understand the laws of manifestation deeply, and focus your attention without contradiction. Embrace the reality where you already have what you desire. Study the roots of manifestation and stop reaffirming the opposite of your assumptions. Live each moment as though you already have what you want. This approach, when fully embraced, will lead to quick and consistent manifestations.