Mastering Manifestation: Understanding the Dance of Vibration and Frequency

4 Dec 2023 | MIND

Frequency vs Vibration

In the midst of a spiritual awakening, we understand the importance of maintaining a healthy and aligned vibration. However, there’s often a lack of clarity regarding our frequency, leading to misconceptions or confusion where we might mistake our vibration for our frequency. Allow me to attempt to clarify the difference between our vibration and our frequency.

We could look at our vibration as the part of our energy field that is giving us moment-to-moment feedback about how we feel about ourselves and how we feel about our reality, as well as what level of thoughts that we are able to access regarding those specific feelings. Thoughts and feelings are the determinant factors in our vibration from a moment-to-moment perception. A vibration can be easily increased or easily decreased depending on what circumstances we’re currently having within our life and how those circumstances make us feel about ourselves and our reality.

Whereas our frequency is not dependent on moment-to-moment feelings, and our frequency is not dependent on what thoughts we’re able to access in any one given moment. Our frequency, we could look at more like it’s a savings account, whereas the vibration is more of what we’re able to play around with when it comes to our finances every day. But what we put in our savings account, which is our frequency, is what is ours to keep. It’s what’s more important in the long run.

Even now, this concept of frequency and vibration are never meant to be pitted against one another. It’s simply meant for us to be able to discern the difference between these two. When it comes to our frequency, our frequency is how conscious we are and therefore how aware we are. So when you think of frequency, think of awareness. The higher awareness we are, the more conscious we are, the more self-awareness and aware we are about our reality in general. All of that feeds into our frequency.

The more we raise our frequency, the more that awareness creates psychic protection. So frequency will naturally start to protect a person’s being, no matter how much their vibration drops from moment to moment or every day, because frequency has to do with our spirit, whereas vibration has to do with our personality and what we’re able to manifest in our reality and what we’re able to experience in our reality based on the emotions and the thoughts that we’re currently accessing.

Vibration is very important when it comes to our ability to manifest, which is why we hear so much within the spirit of this age about raising our vibration. There is nothing inherently wrong with wanting to raise our vibration. The issue, though, is that we have this really aggressive way sometimes we can go about it. It’s very innocent, but we tend to want to raise our vibration at all costs, which means that we end up not wanting to look at the aspects of us that don’t have a high vibe or we want to deny and ignore aspects of our reality and aspects of ourselves that make us feel uncomfortable or we’re afraid will bring up fear and therefore drop our vibration.

Our vibration, shaped by thoughts and feelings, offers moment-to-moment feedback, adapting to current circumstances. Conversely, our frequency, similar to a savings account, remains unaffected by momentary thoughts or feelings. While vibration is easily changed, frequency maintains enduring significance, reflecting our spiritual essence over time.

There’s all sorts of different judgments that we place on our vibration that can end up accidentally strangling it into a lower state simply because we wish to raise it. And yet, when it comes to frequency, frequency doesn’t even matter if you’re in a horrible state. It doesn’t matter if you feel like crap about yourself or like crap about the world in that current moment or even in that current chapter of your life. Because frequency is in it for the long haul.

When it comes to our frequency, this has to do with activating our spiritual discernment. So frequency is how conscious and aware a being is, and that creates a feedback loop. What that feedback loop does is end up protecting us from metaphysical detrimental forces when we don’t feel good or when we don’t have our awareness specifically focused on trying to protect ourselves, such as when we’re in sleep or when we’re too busy in the day to freak out and be paranoid about things.

In its most basic form, frequency refers to the number of times an event occurs in a specific amount of time. So it’s the measurement of intervals from a wave’s oscillation, and a wave’s oscillation is what we call our vibration. This is why everyone thinks our frequency and our vibration are one and the same. But in the metaphysical context, frequency is no longer measuring the number of times a wave oscillates. Instead, our frequency contains the totality of our awareness, otherwise known as the totality of information that is stored inside the entire bandwidth of our energy field.

Vibration is the physical manifestation of our resonant frequency, but it is not the totality of information inside our energy field. Vibration will always be in flux with the ebbs and flows of life. In fact, it is meant to oscillate or ebb and flow for that very reason. Our vibration is designed to gain the information contained within the peaks and lows of life. But what becomes integrated into our consciousness is ours to keep. It now becomes a part of our frequency.

So what most people really want is psychic protection or they want to feel protected in some way and regarding everything. When it comes to protection from the fact that they’re in a low vibratory state, their vibration is currently in a state of fear or need some sort of fortification. They need some sort of protection, some buffer. But what’s really going to do that has to do with our frequency. Our frequency is how aware we are, and once we put that awareness into our savings account, meaning once we become more knowledgeable, once we become more accepting of what we need to be aware of within ourselves, within our own psyche, as well as within the world, all of that ends up going into our psychic spiritual discernment. And that is what already starts putting that online. It starts operating without you consciously needing to be fixated on it or consciously needing to continuously do something in order to activate it.

In order to maintain it at a certain point, your frequency will just protect you, and you can just go about your life, and you could just not have to worry about it at all because once again, you’re putting it into a savings account. Anything that goes into raising your frequency, you can just bet was hard-earned. And if it was hard-earned, it was hard-won. So that already is going to be taken care of. You raised your frequency by becoming more aware.

Our frequency assumes a pivotal role in manifestation, reaching beyond the immediate moment-to-moment scope. It intricately ties to one’s purpose, embodying a broader, long-term vision entwined with spiritual evolution and growth. As you progress, your frequency has the power to attract manifestations into your orbit, sometimes even without your complete understanding of the initial attraction. This heightened vision originates from your spirit and higher self.

In contrast, your vibration is rooted in your moment-to-moment reality and is more closely tied to your personality. This is entirely acceptable. Vibration determines our ability to manifest and access opportunities in our day-to-day reality. Cultivating positive emotions and thoughts contributes to our self-perception and our capacity to navigate the world. Consequently, this aids in manifesting our desires swiftly and robustly in the present moment.