Rise of The Warrior: Why Every Man Should Practice Semen Retention

Rise of The Warrior: Why Every Man Should Practice Semen Retention

Rise of The Warrior: Why Every Man Should Practice Semen Retention

how to use semen retention to 10x your life

Unlocking the mastery of semen retention is your gateway to unleashing the full force of your dreams with unmatched intensity. Let’s cut through the noise: semen retention amplifies your manifestation prowess by harnessing your vital energy stores and directing them towards your chosen objectives. This vital essence pulses through your veins, animating your very being—it’s the lifeblood that ignites your spirit and radiates from every fiber of your being.

Picture this: a single drop of semen, distilled from the essence of forty drops of blood. That’s the magnitude of its potency. Seize hold of this extraordinary fluid and set loose its limitless potential across every facet of your existence.

Hold tight—this isn’t about abstaining from sex altogether. It’s about a paradigm shift in how you approach it, but let’s tackle that discussion another time. For now, let’s focus on one thing at a time.

Imagine waking up feeling energized, confident, and ready to conquer the world. Your mind is clear, your body is strong, and your drive is unstoppable. This isn't a dream, it's your reality when you embrace the ancient practice of semen retention.

Here’s the reality check: every ejaculation not only releases semen but also a substantial portion of your life force. It leaves you drained, hollow, and disconnected from your inner strength. Reflect on it—after the release, do you feel invigorated and empowered to conquer your aspirations? Probably not.

On the flip side, semen retention preserves this precious energy, allowing it to surge within you, fueling your ambitions and propelling you towards your goals. It’s akin to having a reservoir of power at your fingertips, primed to be channeled into materializing your deepest desires.

Yet, it’s more than just conserving energy; semen retention cultivates discipline, focus, and mental clarity—essential components for successful manifestation. By mastering your impulses and abstaining from ejaculation, you reclaim sovereignty over your desires and redirect your energy towards constructive pursuits.

If you’re serious about manifesting your ideal life, it’s time to acknowledge the transformative potential of semen retention. Break free from the cycle of depletion and embrace the boundless reservoir of energy within you. Reclaim your strength, vitality, and capacity to sculpt the life you crave—a life rich in wealth, joy, and well-being.

Get ready as we uncover how PMO addiction may have hindered your progress and how retaining your semen can pave the way for unbridled creative energy.

Understanding NoFap and Why I Disagree

You’ve likely heard of NoFap, a movement urging men to steer clear of porn and masturbation. Maybe you’ve pondered if it’s the right path for you. Some tout incredible benefits, from heightened energy to increased charisma with women. Yet, others, myself included, raise caution flags. So, what’s the real deal? Is NoFap your ticket to greatness or a potential pitfall?

I’m here to cut through the noise and reveal the truth about NoFap. Semen retention emerged from discussions among men seeking to kick the habit of masturbation. Advocates claim abstaining from masturbation, porn, and ejaculation yields a slew of benefits: more energy, motivation, better sex, and heightened confidence, among others. Sounds amazing, right? But do these claims hold up? Let’s dive into the three key components: porn, masturbation, and orgasm.

Firstly, there’s merit in limiting porn consumption. It can enhance arousal and pleasure, but excessive use can lead to decreased sexual satisfaction and even performance issues. If you notice these signs, it’s time to step back. Secondly, NoFap advises against masturbation. Here’s where I have reservations. While initial abstention may spike energy levels, prolonged suppression can lead to frustration and discomfort. Your body craves sexual release, and denying it may leave you feeling tense.

For sexually active men, regular intimacy with an awakened woman can substitute, but if you lack a partner or intimacy, suppressing desires can breed stress. And trust me, nothing repels women more than desperate, needy energy. Balance is key.

NoFap vs Semen Retention

Let’s talk about orgasm — specifically, ejaculation. It’s not the orgasm but the act of ejaculating that drains your vitality. Every release depletes your body’s resources, leaving you fatigued. If you’re a frequent masturbator, abstaining from ejaculation can work wonders, boosting energy, focus, and confidence. Men who master circulating sexual energy often radiate charisma and vitality, drawing others to them effortlessly. So, instead of abstaining from masturbation altogether, focus on doing it right — nurturing your body and cultivating your sexual energy.

Semen retention isn't just about holding back; it's about unleashing the power within to sculpt your reality.

Elevate Your Life: Transformative Benefits of Semen Retention

Unlocking the life-changing potential of semen retention is akin to tapping into a hidden reservoir of power within yourself. In a world inundated with distractions and instant gratification, the concept of retaining one’s seminal energy may seem unconventional. Yet, those who embark on this journey soon discover its profound and transformative effects. Semen retention is not merely about abstaining from ejaculation; it’s a philosophy, a lifestyle, and a pathway to unlocking unparalleled vitality and potential. In this exploration, we delve into the awe-inspiring benefits of semen retention, revealing how it can elevate every aspect of your life, from physical health to mental clarity, from emotional well-being to spiritual enlightenment. Prepare to embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment as we uncover the incredible power of semen retention.

1. Unleashed Vitality

Semen retention fuels your body and mind with unparalleled energy, invigorating every aspect of your life.

2. Heightened Focus

By conserving semen, you sharpen your mental clarity and laser-like focus, allowing you to pursue your goals with unwavering determination.

3. Enhanced Confidence

Retaining semen boosts your self-assurance, radiating a magnetic aura of strength and assurance in all your endeavours.

4. Increased Productivity

With semen retention, you reclaim wasted energy and transform it into productive action, maximising your efficiency and output.

5. Supercharged Creativity

By harnessing your vital energy, semen retention unlocks the floodgates of creativity, empowering you to unleash your full artistic potential.

6. Improved Physical Strength

Bolsters your physical vitality, enhances your endurance, resilience, and overall well-being.

7. Heightened Intuition

Unlock your intuitive powers, gaining a sharper mind and a deep understanding of the world around you.

8. Enhanced Relationships

With semen retention, you cultivate deeper, more meaningful connections with others, fostering intimacy, trust, and fulfillment in your relationships.

9. Greater Emotional Stability

Retaining semen provides a stable foundation from which to navigate life’s challenges, equipping you with resilience and emotional balance.

10. Elevated Spirituality

Semen retention fosters a deeper connection to your inner self and spiritual essence, guiding you towards profound personal growth and enlightenment.

11. Manifestation Mastery

By preserving your vital life force, semen retention amplifies your manifestation abilities, allowing you to manifest your dreams with extraordinary speed and precision.

Starting Your Semen Retention Practice: Essential Tips for Masturbation Beginners

Here are some practical tips to get you started:

1. Set Your Intention

Before beginning, clarify your intention to practice semen retention. Focus on cultivating awareness and control over your sexual energy.

2. Mindful Breathing

Start by taking deep, slow breaths to relax your body and mind. Mindful breathing helps to center your attention and maintain focus throughout the practice.

3. Slow and Gentle Stimulation

Instead of rushing into intense stimulation, adopt a slow and gentle approach. Explore different techniques and sensations to gradually build arousal without reaching the point of ejaculation.

4. Edging Technique

Practice edging, which involves bringing yourself close to the brink of orgasm and then backing off before climaxing. This technique allows you to prolong the experience while retaining control over ejaculation.

5. Focus on Sensations

Pay attention to the sensations in your body as you stimulate yourself. Tune into the pleasure without fixating solely on reaching orgasm. By staying present in the moment, you can prolong the experience and delay ejaculation.

6. Engage the PC Muscles

During arousal, engage your pelvic floor muscles, also known as the PC muscles, to strengthen control over ejaculation. Contract and hold these muscles for a few seconds before releasing. Regular practice can enhance your ability to delay ejaculation.

7. Use Visualisation

Incorporate visualisation techniques to redirect sexual energy away from the genitals and throughout the body. Imagine the energy circulating and expanding throughout your entire being, rather than focusing solely on genital stimulation.

8. Experiment with Different Positions

Explore different masturbation positions to vary the sensations and level of stimulation. Some positions may help you maintain better control over arousal and ejaculation.

9. Practice Self-Control

As you approach the point of orgasm, exercise self-control by pausing or reducing stimulation. Take a moment to breathe deeply and relax your muscles, allowing the urge to ejaculate to subside.

10. Enjoy Non-Ejaculatory Orgasms

Explore the possibility of experiencing non-ejaculatory orgasms, also known as dry orgasms or energy orgasms. With practice, you can learn to separate orgasm from ejaculation, allowing you to experience heightened pleasure without releasing semen.

11. Post-Masturbation Reflection

After completing your session, take a moment to reflect on your experience. Notice any changes in your arousal patterns, level of control, and overall satisfaction. Use this feedback to adjust and refine your practice in future sessions.

Remember that practicing semen retention while masturbating is a skill that requires patience, dedication, and self-awareness. Be gentle with yourself and embrace the journey of self-discovery and personal growth.


Semen retention is the crucible where boys are forged into men of unwavering strength and resilience. It’s not merely about abstaining from ejaculation; it’s about harnessing the raw power within to transcend limitations and embrace true masculinity.

Through semen retention, you learn the art of discipline, mastering your impulses and channeling your energy towards noble pursuits. It instills in you a sense of purpose and direction, guiding you towards the path of self-mastery and self-discovery.

By conserving your vital life force, you cultivate a deep respect for yourself and others, embodying qualities of integrity, courage, and honour. Semen retention teaches you the value of patience and perseverance, preparing you to confront life’s challenges with unwavering resolve. In the crucible of semen retention, you emerge a man of unshakable character, ready to face the world with confidence, dignity, and grace.

The Ultimate Secret of Life that Will Blow Your Mind

The Ultimate Secret of Life that Will Blow Your Mind

The Ultimate Secret of Life that Will Blow Your Mind

secret of all secrets

There is no subject that has been more deeply occulted than what is known in modern times as the sacred secretion. This practice and knowledge have been present in every ancient civilisation and form of mysticism, both eastern and western. So today, it is my honour to share with you exactly what the sacred secretion is.

The sacred secretion has gone by many names – the alchemical wedding, the green lion, the Prima materia, Soma. It has been known as the Christ oil and Christos. Many more names have been used to code exactly what the sacred secretion is. In modern times, we know it as the sacred secretion due to the work of George Carey. But in every form of religious text, no matter how modern or ancient, that religion or spiritual system describes the sacred secretion.

Occult = Hidden Knowledge

In Hermeticism and even in Gnosticism, they describe the sacred secretion. Only in Hermeticism, it is decoded in what we know and revere as the Emerald Tablet. It’s quite amusing when we see modern academics examine the tablet, not knowing what to make of it and then summing it all up to super mystical altered consciousness, blah, blah, blah. In truth, it is actually describing the descent of the Prima Materia or the sacred fluid down from the colostrum all the way to the base of our spine into the sacrum. And it’s describing the alchemical transmutation and the alchemical process that takes place when we consciously use this sacred fluid and the secretion in a conscious manner to ascend it back up in that same feedback loop. Only this time, when it passes the Heart Center, the heart space, it is now becoming transmuted. And when it’s becoming transmuted, it’s spiritualising matter and materialising spirit. The Emerald Tablet is describing this alchemical process that’s taking place within the physical body.

But Hermeticism is by no means the only spiritual system to convey the sacred secretion. It has been known in every single different form of mysticism and in religion. The spiritual alchemy that we know in modern times as the sacred secretion is an ancient esoteric art-invaded tradition. This alchemy was a part of yoga, only it went by the name Soma and Agni. Soma represents the water element, but even deeper than that, Soma is the spiritual fluid that corresponds to the element of ether. It is an etheric substance, and Agni represents the fire element. These living waters of Soma that are produced by the human body, once our life force or spirit flows through the central column of the body, become synergised by the fire element, creating an alchemical process that is called etherisation. A substance gets etherised when it becomes more conscious. This is done by transforming a substance through the fire element.

When we are talking about fire in this context, it means the light of awareness, the light of our awareness, also manifests itself in our own physiology. The alchemist Fulcanelli revealed that there is dormant fire within every tissue of the body. When the fire element acts within the physiology, it manifests as heat generated by friction. And it is this fire or heat which has the ability to transmute the etheric substance known as Soma into its awakened, alive, or enlightened form. A more cryptic way of saying this is that the fire element within our own physiology transmutes the life waters into living waters. It is the esoteric knowledge that’s conveyed.

The Bible is a manual about physiological regeneration and astrology, written in code, providing us a path to enlightenment (atonement). 99% of the people believe the Bible is a historical book to be taken literally. It’s not, it’s about you and YOUR path to enlightenment. You are the Protagonist. No one’s coming to save you. All of these parables were written about and for you.

We have the exoteric sphere, and that’s when we take things in the Bible or things in any holy books as literal. The exoteric sphere is the layer of reality where we take all of these different parables and all of the different teachings and we think that they are flat out 100% literal. Then we have the esoteric sphere, and this is where we’re starting to understand and commune with these concepts at a deeper level. And then we have the esoteric sphere, and in the esoteric sphere, we have direct experience and direct knowledge and communion with these concepts. In this sphere, we are merging with our divinity, awakening to it, and it’s blossoming into our higher self.

The sacred secretion is the embodiment. It is the process of becoming our higher self in physical form. In my video, ‘The Alchemy of Water,’ I talk at great lengths about the Prima Materia and how it is the original primordial substance. It is consciousness in its most natural and mystical form. The Prima Materia is this fluid that gets secreted from the colostrum within the brain. Now, the colostrum is a part of the cerebrum. Having this spiritualised fluid, a tangible form of ether, manifested as the cerebral spinal fluid, and then it descends from the colostrum down all the way into the base of our spine. This is considered heaven because it’s coming into the physical vehicle through the crown center. It’s descending from heaven.

This etherised substance or primordial fluid gets secreted from the colostrum. When it makes its way to the third ventricle in the brain, also known as the Ark of the Covenant, the pineal gland and the pituitary gland further etherise it. They achieve this by contributing their own oils or secretions. The ‘land of milk and honey’ is when the pineal gland contributes its secretion of honey colour, and the pituitary gland contributes a secretion of milkish colour. Both contribute to further etherisation and the materialisation of the etheric substance. The substance then continues to travel down our body.

When it reaches the heart center, it has the opportunity to be used to activate it further. However, this occurs only in individuals who start to become conscious. Otherwise, if an individual is not interested in consciousness or acts unconsciously, the fluid is still being spiritualised and materialised by the pineal and pituitary glands. But, when making its way to the heart center, it doesn’t activate the fluid any further. It can’t ascend back up once it has gone all the way down to the base of the spine. This fluid continues traversing the length of the spine, but the heart center needs to be consciously activated in this entire process because the heart center is like the alchemical crucible. It is also known as the Taurus field and the generative principle.

The Heart Center needs to contribute. The colostrum initiates it, the Prima materia descends and is secreted from there. The pineal and pituitary glands both contribute to the Alchemy of creating and strengthening this spiritual substance. When it reaches the Heart Center, the heart center contributes to developing the potency of awakening this fluid by consciously willing itself to be activated.

This conscious willing that happens in the Heart Center involves participating in various practices that open the Heart Center. This includes practicing compassion, empathy, and seeing others, whoever is in our outer spirit, as ourselves. These practices contribute to activating the Heart Center. The Heart Center, being the crucible, also known as the Taurus field and the generative principle, enhances and amplifies the potency of the Christ oil.

The “Temple of God” is your body, not a building.

As it makes its way down the spine, this fluid now carries information imprinted from above and below, from our base consciousness all the way up to our Crown Center consciousness – Heaven and Earth, matter and spirit. All this information is now included in the fluid.

As it traverses and comes back up, it reactivates through the heart center. So, it needs to have cycles; it can’t just go down once, it has to go down and then up because there’s a different process happening when it’s going down. That alchemical process needs to be completed through going up because now, when it’s going back up through the heart center, the Heart Center as The Crucible is spiritualising it even more. It purifies it through the heart center. When it’s being purified through the spiritualisation happening within the Heart Center, it goes back up. When it reaches the top of our Crown, we have a new substance; we have materialised, in essence, this substance.

If we’re not consciously going through this practice of the Sacred secretion, meaning we’re not aware of it, and the oil descends, it doesn’t get to go through the Alchemy of our consciousness. So, we won’t have a chance to participate in the Alchemy of creating this substance so that by the time it comes back up, it is now a different form. It is now a spiritualised form that enhances our consciousness, develops Enlightenment, and embodies our higher self into the physical form. That is the deepest secret of the Sacred secretion.

The most occulted thing ever is that we become our higher self. And not just that we become our higher self through this practice that’s done for embodiment. A lot of times we hear about embodiment in the spiritual community, especially in the spirit of this age. And that’s because embodiment is the theme of The Sage. Embodiment and healing because embodiment and healing equal Awakening. So, Enlightenment, Awakening, embodiment are all the themes of this age, but they’re really just different ways of saying the same thing. They all refer to the same thing.

Well, the embodiment part of this whole process is this occulted practice of spiritualising that substance. Because when we consciously are aware that this is even taking place, that contributes to activating the process within us. Now, during this time that the Christ oil is making its way down from the land of milk and honey, and it’s going all the way down our spinal column, and it hits the solar plexus region.

The fluid, oil, or marrow which flows down the spinal cord, comes from the upper brain, the Creator or Father, the “Most High,” and is known in physiology as ovum, or generative seed that life essence which creates the human form of corruptible flesh. In the Greek, from which the New Testament was translated, this marrow is called Christ, which is the Greek word for oil.

The solar plexus region is also known as Bethlehem, House of Bread, because we all have an inner zodiac within us. So, this would be Virgo. In esoteric Christian terms, this would be the manger where little baby Jesus is. It’s in the manger in our solar plexus region. So, the seed is making its way to the solar plexus region. It’s passing the Heart Center, going from the first brain to the second brain – the true brain, but we’ll get to that later – and then it’s going to the third brain because the solar plexus region is also our third nervous system. It is the enteric nervous system. So, in esoteric or occult terminology, we have three brains: the father, the mother, and the son.

The sacred secretion needs to go to all three to materialise spirit. That happens in the solar plexus region and in the enteric nervous system. Once this oil is in the solar plexus region, there is an internal alchemical process taking place. There is a coalescing and an Alchemy being performed here with the fire element.

We have fire from above, which is the father, produced as the mental body through light. This could be seen as the highest or the Heavenly Fire. Then we have The Crucible that is the transmutative factor within the second brain – the heart. And then we have the solar plexus region, which is the third fire. All these different brains are producing and contributing their own fire because fire is what transmutes. Fire is the transformative agent in elements.

The solar plexus region is going through that alchemical process of the third brain and the third fire before it now gets raised back up. Now, the cerebral spinal fluid is going to come back up; it does continuously within a day. But when we’re consciously going through this act and process of the Sacred secretion, we’re consciously raising up this generative seed. It becomes generative to our entire being and our entire consciousness when we raise it back up. Only one-tenth of this seed even needs to survive.

One-tenth of the essence that goes through this whole process we raise back up. And when it hits our optic Thalamus on its way back up, that is when we start activating dormant nerves, dormant pathways within the brain. But also, this is where we start getting our regenerative possibilities. This is the Alchemy, the whole Alchemy, the whole reason for the sacred secretion is this alchemical process that creates regenerativeness within the body-mind-spirit complex. So, there’s an embodiment going on, and that’s reflected in the physiological activations produced through this regenerative process.

When we outsource consciousness and begin to outsource all of these different internal occult anatomy functions, that’s when we start creating degenerative circumstances or what I call calcification. The force in nature that calcifies when we’re consciously participating in this whole process. This is the human potential, the human capacity. This is one method of activating the highest potential and exalting the highest consciousness within the human form. Now, one would naturally ask, how do we raise one-tenth of this generative seed all the way to our optic Thalamus to activate these dormant nerves and reawaken different pathways inside our skull and cerebrum?

This is achieved through deliberate and conscious acts with a higher vibratory nature. Now, when discussing high vibratory nature versus low vibratory nature, certain things fall under the category that are obvious. So, I won’t get overly preachy or dogmatic, but I leave it up to you to use your own common sense to discern what is inherently low vibratory when it comes to higher vibratory acts.

During lower vibratory acts in this period when we’re consciously raising the sacred secretion back up into our skull, there’s engaging in healthy eating, meditating, practicing compassion, or simply understanding another person’s perspective. These are acts of self-love or love for others that heighten our vibration. That’s universally recognised. No one will argue that it’s high vibrational versus low vibrational. Contrastingly, consuming poor-quality foods or content falls under the category of low vibrational. These are just different things that emit bad vibes.

In this period, as we raise the generative seed back into the skull, we seek the highest vibratory way of existing in our environment. Engaging in gluttonous behaviour, for example, is not considered high vibrational. However, if we can discern our unconscious behaviours from our conscious ones and align with our conscious behaviours during this period, we can actively participate in our own evolution. This embodies the idea that alchemy is the fusion of art and nature. By engaging actively and consciously, using our awareness to bring about changes that enhance nature, we manifest art. This stands as a prime illustration of how our artistic endeavours align with the natural order, elevating it and contributing to our ongoing evolution.

This is a potent method to create art and utilise inner alchemy for the higher purpose of embodying our higher self. The sacred secretion initiates every lunar cycle when the moon is in our sun sign for optimal results. Commence these high vibrational practices two days before the moon enters your sun sign and continue for two days after it exits your sun sign.

The early Christians knew that the Scriptures, whether written in ancient Hebrew or the Greek, were allegories, parables or fables based on the human body, “fearfully and wonderfully made”.

As we raise the oil or seed up the vagus nerve, it reaches the base of the skull, remaining there for two and a half days—the time the moon spends in a sign before ascending to the optic Thalamus. At the base of the skull, the oil is crucified. Crucifying the substance doesn’t mean annihilation; quite the opposite. Crucifixion implies increasing in power a thousandfold, achieved by immersing this substance in the information field of the cranial nerves—the connective center between the brain and the spine—to fix it.

This entire process is encoded repeatedly in the stages of alchemy. Now, it stays at the base of the skull, known as the crucification place, Calvary. Calvary means crucification. Why does it stay at the base of the skull for three days? Why did the Jesus narrative depict Jesus as dead for three days until he rose again? Because crucifying is fixing. We are fixing the oil here. By fixing, I don’t mean it’s broken and needs repair. Fixing, in alchemical terms, is responding to the four different natures of our zodiac. It materialises further during this alchemical stage of the sacred secretion. It’s like a fixture. That’s what crucification means when discussed in spiritual alchemy and through esoteric understanding. So, it stays there to become fixed.

Then it ascends until it hits the optic Thalamus. When the seed reaches the optic Thalamus, this marks the anointing of the Christ oil. This stage signifies the successful completion of the cycle of the sacred secretion, occurring every 29.5 days, every moon cycle. Thus, we have 12 opportunities within a year to participate in this process already happening by default within our body. Yet, when we consciously engage in it, it becomes the sacred secretion.

Even though interpretations of high vibrational and low vibrational activities during this period are subjective, it’s crucial to mention that one thing activating this entire process during this seven-day period is the tongue. The tip of the tongue needs to be on the roof of the mouth. I cannot stress this enough: if the tip of the tongue is not fixed to the roof of the mouth, the entire circuitry has a challenging time activating. This circuitry helps awaken the cranial nerves. Mysticism even suggests that a 13th cranial nerve can emerge from this act. Closing that entire circuit is how we awaken those nerves, produce and direct the seed to ascend—achieved through placing the tip of the tongue at the roof of the mouth.

Without this process, it would be challenging to engage in higher vibrational activities when we’re not in the gnosis and the physiological actions we partake in for those regenerative pathways to be reawakened are hidden from us. I hope this helps you materialise Spirit.

God-Man: The Word Made Flesh

God-Man: The Word Made Flesh


The Zodiac and the Salts of Salvation

The Zodiac and the Salts of Salvation


Manifesting Your Dream Life | A Different Approach

Manifesting Your Dream Life | A Different Approach

Manifesting Your Dream Life | A Different Approach

Mindless Manifestation

Discovering a mindless existence might sound intimidating, but it’s not about losing your mind or becoming reckless. It’s about freeing yourself from the conditioned thinking that sabotages your life. Picture it as breaking free from the grip of your own thoughts and connecting with universal intelligence.

The term “mindless” may seem contradictory, considering we’re often taught that the universe works inclusively. However, our minds are so ingrained in our reality that it’s hard to imagine anything beyond them. So, the idea of becoming mindless is a process called “becoming mindless.”

This isn’t about losing identity but shedding the artificial, ego-based identity we’ve constructed. Many of us define ourselves by job titles or societal roles, and when these are stripped away, it can be disorienting. Yet, it’s a liberating process, revealing a vastness beyond the roles we play.

The ultimate question is, what are you beyond your roles and labels? Answering this unveils your true nature, something often neglected in our society. The mind can’t answer this question because your true self is beyond the mind’s grasp.

Living mindlessly involves gradually letting go of the mind’s control over your life. It’s not about disregarding the mind entirely but reducing its influence. With less interference, negative thoughts diminish, and you perceive the world with fresh eyes.

The author, representing the infinity of the Universe as NOT-MIND, emphasizes that labels and states, even peaceful ones, are limitations. Connecting to the infinite NOT-MIND isn’t about mental analysis but an intuitive sense of something beyond description.

Reading slowly and mindlessly is encouraged, allowing time to absorb the message and apply the energetic protocols. These protocols, quick and easy, could resolve every issue in your life if you could keep your mind from interfering. So, take the time to explore the possibility of living without the constant chatter of your mind.

What Does it Take to Manifest A Happy Life?

Happiness isn’t about achieving a perfect life; it’s about embracing happy moments in each passing second. Often, we’re too focused on obtaining a happy life, using our minds to figure out everything in advance. This backward approach leads us to overlook the daily delightful experiences right under our noses.

A genuinely happy life isn’t a one-time manifestation of wealth, relationships, or an ideal body. It’s about moment-to-moment awareness, living in the “now.” Taking care of each current moment ensures that everything in your life falls into place.

Maintaining a high level of inner consciousness, regardless of external events, is key. This way, you can quickly resolve issues with high-resolution energy, preventing prolonged effects on your outer manifestations. On the flip side, those unaware of these principles allow life’s challenges to accumulate, leading to negative manifestations and even physical ailments.

Every worry and frustration throughout the day affects our well-being. The mind often holds these issues in place, creating a cumulative negative impact. However, when you resolve issues mindlessly, your consciousness becomes clear, and you see the world as it truly is—free of mind-induced problems.

Universal Laws dictate that energies flow in the direction of your predominant thoughts. Most people unintentionally create negative conditions for themselves. Realizing your power to create allows you to apply these principles positively, consciously creating a happy life filled with happy moments.

A happy moment is when you settle into total awareness, experiencing inner peace and satisfaction. The absence of mind chatter in these moments makes time irrelevant, providing a taste of timeless experience. This absence of time is marked by the lack of mind chatter and thoughts.

Issues in your life are often perpetuated by the mind’s insistence on them. By constantly revisiting negative encounters in your mind, you flow Universal energies in that direction, creating undesired manifestations. The key is to become mindless about the issue, not allowing it to occupy your thoughts.

Consistent practice is necessary to become entirely mindless, but even a small reduction in mental fixation creates space for positive change. Becoming mindless about a situation dissolves underlying energetic patterns, leading to instant manifestations. Every challenge is an opportunity to practice and shift towards a truly happy life, one mindful moment at a time.

Happiness isn't about achieving a perfect life; it's about embracing happy moments in each passing second.

Manifesting for the Present Moment

Manifesting a happy life doesn’t mean planning every detail for the next fifty years. It’s about embracing the present moment and immersing yourself fully in it. Reflecting on past hurts or worrying about the future wastes precious energy. Instead, become mindless about past grievances, letting them fade away.

Happiness is not an external goal; it’s the realization of your true nature. Relying on external factors for happiness, like possessions or relationships, leads to temporary fulfillment. True joy comes from realizing your completeness without needing external validation.

Engaging fully in the present moment allows critical points of manifestation to surface. When we free ourselves from societal standards and live authentically, we tap into the fullness of the present. Defining happiness based on external standards often leads to unfulfillment; true happiness lies in recognizing your own wholeness.

Living in a mindless state doesn’t mean the absence of thoughts but a detachment from their significance. Like the clarity experienced during a shower, you can live more energetically by adopting a mindless approach. Old issues may resurface, but dealing with them independently, without bringing up the entire history, is crucial for progress.

Negative feelings about a situation often cloud judgment. Applying NOT-MIND helps dissolve these feelings, allowing for clear and objective decision-making. Making decisions from a peaceful state, rather than fear, prevents a cycle of bad decisions. In the next chapter, we’ll explore using NOT-MIND for universal guidance.

Living in a mindless state doesn't mean the absence of thoughts but a detachment from their significance.

Unlocking Cosmic Guidance: Your Personalized Journey to Fearless Decision-Making

Feel the ever-present embrace of the Universe guiding you in every moment. When life appears unsupported, it’s often our own inner clouds of judgment and fear that obscure the universal support that surrounds us. Just as clouds temporarily veil the vast sky, negative thoughts can hinder us from recognizing the constant backdrop of intelligent awareness.

Your decisions carry the power to shape your reality. Making choices from a place of inner balance, peace, and neutrality is key. Decisions tainted by fear stem from a limited perspective, focusing on perceived dangers and harm. Such fear-based choices, made at the mental level, subject us to further mental causes and effects, often deepening the challenges we face.

True empowerment lies in making decisions from a clear and peaceful inner state. A right decision, one that resonates within, exudes a sense of inner peace and strength, akin to the backing of the entire Universe. It’s not about the correctness of the decision itself, but the inner state from which it emanates.

When faced with an important decision, take a moment to get clear on the inside. Check your inner state for any disturbances—negative thoughts, fears, or worries—and swiftly connect with NOT-MIND to dissolve them. This isn’t a rationalization process; it’s a rapid connection that bypasses the logical mind. By doing so, you become mindless, allowing everything beyond the mind to take care of what needs to be done.

The art lies in noticing the difference, making quick intuitive comparisons between states without prolonged mental processing. Apply energetic manifestation protocols based on your inner state, using tools like NOT-MIND to resolve obstacles. This swift process, taking only a few seconds, prevents the interference of the mind.

Ensure your decisions aren’t swayed by positive or negative momentum. Positive external motivations, like financial gain, or negative motivations, rooted in fear, cloud your judgment and impair decision-making. Choose a balanced, neutral state that comes from within—a state where the mind is silent, aligning you with the Universe.

Don’t rush the decision-making process; give yourself ample time. Postpone decisions until you feel clear on the inside. Taking breaks and engaging in unrelated activities can provide the clarity needed for decision-making. Remember, the state from which you decide holds more weight than the decision itself.

Making decisions from a neutral state ensures that you’re not manipulated by external influences. You become free from mental influences, allowing for quick adjustments if needed. Trust in the infinite nature of the Universe; it accommodates any path or decision. Deciding from neutrality sets an intention that initiates the energetic flow in that direction, free from mental and social influences.

A decision made from a neutral state is boundless and right. Conversely, decisions made from fear or worry bring more of the same. Universal Law is in action, and decisions from neutrality align you with the Universe, leading to more desired manifestations. Embrace the absolute backing of the Universe by deciding from a completely mindless state, where things happen quickly and smoothly. Your journey to fearless decision-making begins now!

Making decisions from a neutral state ensures that you're not manipulated by external influences.

A Quick Recap

Get ready for a mind-bending journey into the heart of manifesting, straight from the wisdom of NOTMIND. But, let’s shake off the notion that we’re using NOT-MIND as some kind of mental tool. This is not about employing it like a pen for writing; it’s about recognizing NOT-MIND as a representation of a cosmic truth that exists beyond our mental limits.

NOT-MIND isn’t a technique; it’s a symbol of the vast, limitless aspect of existence that transcends the mind’s grasp. It’s the infinite part of the Universe that needs no conceptualization or observation. It’s already there, operating silently behind the scenes, beyond our mind’s comprehension.

Now, I could have called it love, God, infinity, or even an orange! But I chose a fresh, two-word representation to sidestep preconceived meanings. This prevents the mind from cluttering the manifestation process with unnecessary thoughts and words.

Connecting to NOT-MIND is as easy as tapping into the infinite part of yourself and the Universe. No need for the mind to question if it’s doing it right; that’s just the mind being its busy self. The mind, great for practical tasks, falls short in the metaphysical realm. Manifestations happen beyond its scope, orchestrated by a force beyond our understanding – NOT-MIND, synonymous with the divine.

When we insist on specific paths for manifestation, we limit the infinite possibilities the Universe offers. Ever met someone fixated on winning the lottery? It’s just one of many ways abundance can flow. Insisting on a single path slows the flow to a drip.

The mind concocts convoluted ideas, like needing multiple income streams. But if manifestations stall, it’s a sign of relying too much on the mind, not NOT-MIND. Manifestation is about connecting to the infinite, transcending the mind’s limits, dropping judgments, fears, and beliefs.

Connecting to NOT-MIND isn’t about positive thinking; it’s about moving beyond thinking altogether. In this space, we’re untouchable by thought, realizing our true essence. Dissolving specific issues using NOT-MIND involves addressing energetic patterns beyond the mind’s workings.

The Universe does the heavy lifting behind the scenes; our job is initiating the process. The energetic protocols provided act as a starting point. Think of them as guidelines, not strict rules. As you become adept, you’ll discover spontaneous, tailored ways to manifest effectively.

Ultimately, this journey into NOT-MIND aims to guide you in exploring your infinite nature. It’s about assembling a happy life from the ground up, focusing on the fundamental building blocks that most overlook. With these mindless manifestation protocols, you work directly with the energy that creates worlds. It’s a journey into the heart of true manifestation, beyond the confines of the mind.

Miraculous Changes from Connecting to NOT-MIND

Unlocking the power of NOT-MIND happens in three compelling ways.

Let’s dive into each, uncovering the secrets that can transform your manifestation game.

1. General Connection: Picture this as the ultimate power surge, a connection that reinforces your link to the infinite part of yourself and the Universe. This is beyond the logical, thinking mind – it’s tapping into your essential, boundless nature. Forget labels like William or Julia; these are mere illusions. You are NOT-MIND, an expression of everything and anything simultaneously. It’s about recognizing the vastness that exists beyond the limitations of your ego-mind’s artificial identity. 

2. Specific Connection: Sometimes, you need to zoom in. Apply NOT-MIND to a particular area or aspect of your life that needs a cosmic makeover. This is where the magic happens – dissolving limitations, breaking boundaries, and unleashing the full potential of NOT-MIND. It’s a directed energy application, a laser-focused approach to manifesting change where it’s needed most. 

3. Connecting NOT-MIND to Something Else: Think of this as a dynamic duo. NOT-MIND teams up with another element to create a symphony of manifestation. Whether it’s dissolving negative feelings or tackling past issues, this combination opens doors to new patterns and possibilities. It’s a dance between NOT-MIND and the specific issue, orchestrated beyond the grasp of your thinking mind. 

When you make a general connection to NOT-MIND, you’re tapping into the totality of existence. No need for qualifiers, descriptions, or intentions; you’re already in touch with the limitless. Connecting to NOT-MIND is a physical experience, not a mental exercise. Read the words, make the connection instantly, and feel the difference in your body. 

Why the emphasis on quick connections? Because it’s not a skill you need to acquire or something that comes after years of spiritual practice. Those are mental misconceptions. Involving the mind slows things down with unnecessary thoughts. It’s like thinking about riding a bicycle – overwhelming and paralyzing. NOT-MIND is about direct application, not mental gymnastics. 

Regularly connecting to NOT-MIND clears the clutter in your awareness and handles tasks beyond your conscious understanding. It’s a subtle process; you might feel like nothing is happening, but that simply means transformations are occurring beyond the mind’s observation. 

Connect to NOT-MIND consistently, and you’ll witness the gradual dissolution of your mind. Negative thoughts, fears, and worries will loosen their grip. Inner peace becomes a tangible, real benefit – a state of being that surpasses the mind’s fixation on external objects and achievements. 

Inner peace might sound elusive to the mind, which fixates on material gains. Yet, it’s the foundation of true happiness. Dissolve the mind, and you’ll see the underlying perfection in all things. Practices like affirmations and visualizations strengthen the mind, but true liberation comes from becoming mindless and thoughtless. 

As the mind dissolves, life’s worries lose their grip. External opinions cease to affect you, and your reactions become a matter of choice. This is a gradual process, a shift in perspective as you deepen your connection to NOT-MIND. 

Connecting to NOT-MIND isn’t just a prelude to manifestation; it’s a game-changer. Dissolve the mind, and many perceived issues evaporate. Forget specifying neglected areas; universal intelligence takes care of it all. The problems you see might not be the ones that need attention. 

So, what’s the takeaway? After connecting to NOT-MIND, there’s nothing more to “do.” Instead, focus on connecting faster and stronger over time. Make it a part of your daily life – in quiet moments, while driving, or amidst the hustle of a crowded place. This conscious connection unveils the ever-present nature of NOT-MIND and transforms your interactions with the world, paving the way for new possibilities and desired manifestations. It’s not just a manifestation protocol; it’s a journey into the heart of your true nature.

How to Use NOT-MIND for Specific Resolutions

Embark on a transformative journey as we delve into the profound art of connecting with NOT-MIND for specific resolutions. Brace yourself for a paradigm shift, where the mind takes a back seat, and the universe’s innate intelligence guides the way.

The Mind’s Limited Lens: Our thinking mind, though convinced it holds the solutions, only sees a fraction of reality. Its perception is tinted by ingrained beliefs, leading to misguided interpretations of issues. Imagine being trapped in a relationship; the mind reacts, projects beliefs, and fuels reactive behaviors, hindering resolution. Financial struggles, too, fall prey to the mind’s limitations. Relying on the mind for solutions often keeps us stuck in fear-based cycles.

NOT-MIND Unleashed: Making a general connection to NOT-MIND liberates us from the mind’s limitations. It taps into the universal intelligence, restoring peace where needed. With this foundation, we can now connect to NOT-MIND for specific situations. It’s not about what the specifics are; NOT-MIND encompasses everything in the inclusive nature of the Universe.

Dissolving Inner Blocks: After the general connection, dive deeper with a specific and intentional connection to NOT-MIND. Target inner blocks preventing the full experience of each moment. Forget the past or future; focus on the now. Confront the disruptive feelings in your conscious awareness – they are mere energetic patterns from past conditioning. Connect NOT-MIND to dissolve them, no need for additional thoughts.

Navigating Inner Turmoil: Negative thoughts arise, and the mind seeks distractions. Resist. Connect NOT-MIND to dissolve these feelings without diving into the content. Don’t believe in or engage with these thoughts; they are not grounded in universal truths. Don’t use positive thoughts to cover up negativity – that’s just another distraction. The goal is mindlessness, not thought replacement.

From Inner Peace to Manifestation: Connecting to NOT-MIND restores inner peace. Now, gently apply manifestation protocols to desired issues. Choose one issue at a time, something small initially. Notice spontaneous thoughts and feelings. If your inner state remains neutral, manifestations are imminent. If not, apply NOT-MIND to dissolve disturbances.

Mastering Inner Harmony: The chosen issue should evoke curiosity, not overwhelm. The absence of spontaneous thoughts signals progress. Inner peace, undisturbed by most issues, leads to an infinite manifestation loop. Apply NOT-MIND diligently to dissolve inner disturbances caused by deep-rooted beliefs. It might take time, but the goal is to restore peace to everything at once.

The Silence of the Mind: When inner progress is made, bringing an intention to awareness doesn’t elicit worry. Instead of desperation, you feel nothing – a significant improvement. Don’t mistake this for a lack of motivation; it’s a silencing of the mind’s interference. Manifestations then unfold swiftly when the mind no longer demands outcomes.

Manifesting Mindlessly: Effective manifestations involve dissolving the mind, allowing NOT-MIND to play its natural role in the creative process. It’s not about forcing understanding or learning more techniques. It’s about letting go, embracing non-resistant allowing, and manifesting mindlessly.

How to Use NOT-MIND for Specific Situations

Unlocking the Power of NOT-MIND for Transformative Change

Hey there, manifestor of dreams! Let’s dive into a game-changing approach to manifestation – connecting with NOT-MIND for specific situations. Now, before you roll your eyes, this isn’t about brushing off your problems with a nonchalant attitude. It’s about tapping into a profound truth: taking life a bit less seriously can be a spiritual game-changer.

Adopt a lighthearted vibe towards your life challenges? The trick is not getting overly attached to outcomes. The more you cling, the more hurdles pop up.

Picture this: you’re juggling multiple life issues, and they’re stacking up like a game of problem Tetris. Overwhelming, right? It’s a distraction dance, and constant worry hijacks your mental space, making it nearly impossible for reality to shift.

Now, here’s the real gem – the key isn’t the specific problem but how you perceive it. Is it an insurmountable mountain or a molehill? Your perception molds your manifestations. Imagine tackling a colossal problem with a light touch and fierce resolution – it vanishes, no matter its size.

Flip the script, though, and a minor issue can balloon into a life-consuming black hole. I’ve witnessed friends succumb to the negativity spiral, where a tiny hiccup becomes a mental storm, derailing their entire day. It’s time to break this cycle.

So, when facing a challenge, soften your gaze and adopt a light touch. Not laughing it off – just reducing the mental reminders throughout your day. Most folks are unwittingly glued to their issues from dawn to dusk, thinking they’re working towards solutions. Spoiler alert: it keeps you stuck.

Imagine slashing the mental reminders, creating a cosmic void for the Universe to work its magic. Your mind, no longer fixated, stops meddling with the solution. Less mental noise equals a smoother manifestation journey.

But wait, there’s more! Beyond reducing mental reminders, become mindless about the issue. Not just forgetting it – but eliminating its mental real estate. Imagine a day without the issue cluttering your thoughts. It’s progress, my friend, bringing not just inner peace but a ripple effect on your external reality.

Now, applying these mindless manifestation protocols without consciously detaching your mind? Possible, but you’d be swimming upstream. By persistently reminding yourself, you create counterintentions that clash within your limited mind.

Why struggle when you can tap into the magic of NOT-MIND? The key is becoming utterly mindless between your manifestation sessions. No need to replay the specifics of your issue – just a quick thought about the general theme is plenty.

Let’s connect NOT-MIND to dissolve the mental shackles. Break free from incessant self-reminders about the issue. Blank out the negative effects of overthinking on your life. Untangle from the mental web others spin about your issues. It’s a mental detox, wiping the slate clean.

Ever felt that perceived emptiness during these protocols? Good news – it’s exactly what we’re aiming for. This void is the realm of true mindlessness, where judgments, criticisms, and assessments fade away. You become untouchable, free from mental influences.

Now, dissolve the issue’s reactions, untangling yourself from the web of judgments and criticisms. Let NOT-MIND break the cycle, paving the way for a balanced and neutral state – the sweet spot for manifestations.

Lastly, wipe the slate clean for your past, present, and future. Your past thinking holds no power, and current thoughts are efficiently directed at issue resolution. Connect NOT-MIND to the issue, no specifics needed. Let the infinite intelligence of the Universe take over.

By recognizing and strengthening your connection to NOT-MIND, you tap into the boundless support of the Universe. Trust that it actively intervenes behind the scenes billions of times. There’s no need to overthink – just acknowledge this eternal connection, and let the magic unfold.

Mastering Manifestation: Your Personalized Protocols for Success

Embarking on Your Personal Manifestation Journey

Welcome to the art of crafting your unique manifestation protocols. Unlike offering a fixed sequence applicable universally, my goal is to empower you with the adaptability to tackle any life scenario. These manifestation principles will not only shield you from unexpected twists but equip you with the finesse to swiftly and effortlessly navigate through challenges.

Previously, we explored the essence of manifesting from a state of NOT-MIND, liberating ourselves from the constant analysis of every life aspect by our logical minds. Removing the mind unveils a profound truth – issues fade away without its constant commentary. Even the idea that problems persist but aren’t in conscious thought is another mental creation. Dissolving the mind leads to a blissful existence, and prolonged immersion in this state dismantles the very conditions that birthed perceived problems.

My encouragement is to go all the way – be completely mindless about every aspect of your life. The remarkable shifts occur effortlessly when you relinquish conscious control, allowing the universe’s intelligence to unfold naturally.

Now, let’s lay the groundwork for flexibility in manifestations. Recognizing our boundless nature, we understand that fixed sequences, timelines, and steps don’t constrain us. Manifestations might precede intentions or unfold without conscious intervention. Adopting a light touch and a soft gaze on your reality creates space for manifestations. Keeping days unstructured welcomes universal impulses, eliminating the need to fixate on receiving them.

Some spiritual seekers spend their days waiting for external signs, perceiving the universe as separate. Yet, you are inseparable from the universe. Recognizing this truth grants you the flexibility to act spontaneously and upon universal guidance. Initially, a distinction may seem between conscious actions and guided ones, but integration dissolves this separation. The beauty of the universe lies in spontaneity, and understanding this transforms the unknown into unstructured openness, the canvas for miracles.

Flexibility entails dealing with both good and bad experiences. Some struggle with the good, others with the bad. The ideal state is allowing everything to pass through with complete openness and awareness. This non-resistance doesn’t condone bad behavior but allows you to respond creatively to life’s situations.

The crux lies in differentiating between direct observations and mind-imposed thoughts. Ninety-nine percent of our thoughts are judgments, fears, and worries, creating disproportionate effects on well-being. Dissolving these mental constructs shifts your reality dramatically.

To create your manifestation protocols: strengthen your connection to NOT-MIND, apply it to eliminate non-direct observations, and dissolve any unwanted thoughts. This process requires no mental strain; it’s about experiencing and allowing. As you apply these steps, observe longer periods of inner peace – a sign that universal forces are at work, orchestrating powerful shifts in your reality. Embrace this journey of self-discovery and manifestation prowess. You’re not just reading; you’re crafting your destiny.

Unlock Your Potential: Transform Your Thoughts for a Life of Success

Ever feel like your mind is on overdrive, constantly churning out thoughts at a rate of 70,000 a day? That’s a thought every second we’re awake! No wonder life can feel like an overwhelming rollercoaster. The shocker? About 80% of those thoughts are negative, and a whopping 95% are on repeat day in, day out. It’s like living in a loop of limited possibilities.

But here’s the game-changer: Traditional methods like positive thinking or affirmations struggle because they’re swimming against the current of our own negative mental habits. I propose a radical shift – embrace a state of mindlessness, where words and thoughts take a back seat. Yes, think when necessary, but let the mind rest for the rest of the time.

Ready for a reality check? Keep a thought journal. Each day, jot down the thoughts without judgment. In just a week, you’ll spot the patterns. Your conditioned responses and recurring thoughts become glaringly obvious. The insight gained is a key to breaking free from self-imposed limitations.

Imagine changing just 1% of your recorded thoughts each week. Small shifts compound into remarkable changes. The magic happens when you slow down, observe, and understand your mental patterns. The power lies in awareness.

Writing thoughts down isn’t just about capturing them; it’s about slowing them down. It’s about breaking the habit of mental rumination. Your mind becomes a canvas, and you choose what thoughts to keep or discard. This process isn’t about controlling others; it’s about strengthening your connection to the universal source of awareness.

Ever considered the space between thoughts? It’s in this silence that breakthrough ideas emerge. Mindless manifestation isn’t about forcing change; it’s about aligning with the boundless possibilities beyond our conscious mind’s grasp.

To manifest effectively, straddle two worlds. Engage with physical reality while being rooted in the energetic realm of infinite possibilities. It’s a dual approach – live fully in the physical, yet know there’s more beyond what meets the eye. It’s about becoming a multidimensional being operating in all dimensions simultaneously.

Start your day by setting the intention to connect with NOT-MIND, that boundless source of awareness, throughout the day. Recognize the complementary nature of the physical and the absolute. Think to understand, then let go and connect to NOT-MIND to allow the universe to work its magic.

Life may pull you in various directions, but dissolve opposing forces effortlessly with NOT-MIND. Instead of resisting or replacing thoughts, just be the immovable presence that you are. Rest in the knowing that whatever needs to be done in your physical reality will be taken care of. Drop the notion that you need to seek, find, or do something more. Rest in the emptiness, and from this blank canvas, let the magic unfold effortlessly. Your creative expressions are boundless, and in this state of being, nothing needs to be done.