Manifestation Unveiled: The Role of Belief and Selection

Manifestation Unveiled: The Role of Belief and Selection

Manifestation Unveiled: The Role of Belief and Selection

Manifestation Is Inevitable

Let’s break it down: What you want is already out there, waiting for you to grab it. You might have come across teachings from folks like Neville Goddard or theories like quantum physics that say everything you desire already exists in the universe. It’s like a vast menu of possibilities, and you just need to pick what you want.

So, when you’re manifesting something, you’re not rewriting your current reality. Instead, you’re just choosing a different one from the infinite options available. You don’t need to stress about every little action you take or whether you’re doing everything “right.” Whether you decide to go for a walk or stay home, it doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things.

Once you’ve set your sights on what you want, it’s yours. You’re already on the path towards it as soon as you make that choice. So, feel free to do whatever you want in the meantime, because your desired reality is already locked in. Each time you affirm or visualize, you’re just reaffirming your choice. That’s it.

There's nothing you really have to change, it's more so about just shifting your belief.

If you ever feel like you’re losing touch with your desired reality, which really only happens in your mind, just choose it again. Keep choosing it until it solidifies as your new reality. So, what you do out here doesn’t really matter. There’s no specific action you must take or specific task to accomplish. You just need to recognise that it’s all in the mind—it’s about selecting in the mind, and that’s it.

When faced with tough circumstances or doubts about your manifestation, remind yourself that it doesn’t matter. Tell yourself, “It doesn’t matter; I will achieve my manifestation anyway.” This applies to any doubts or fears you might have. As long as you believe it, you’ll get what you desire because you’ve already chosen it. You’ve always had your desire from the moment you existed, because creation has always been complete, and you’ve always been part of everything.

You’re not manifesting anything; you’re simply selecting something and choosing to experience it. Once you’ve chosen your desired reality, believe that it’s done. But many of us need reminders, so affirm for it, visualise it whenever needed, and know that every affirmation is just re-selecting that reality.

Ultimately, remember that anything in your current reality (3D) doesn’t matter as long as you’ve selected what you want. Imagination (4D) is the only reality that counts. Everything else is just a movie playing out, with no real impact unless you let it.

So, if you’re ever unsure or questioning your approach, know that you’re fine. Everything is unfolding perfectly. You’re exactly where you need to be, taking the necessary actions—or even not taking actions—and you’ll still achieve your desire. Just trust in that.

The Ultimate Secret of Life that Will Blow Your Mind

The Ultimate Secret of Life that Will Blow Your Mind

The Ultimate Secret of Life that Will Blow Your Mind

secret of all secrets

There is no subject that has been more deeply occulted than what is known in modern times as the sacred secretion. This practice and knowledge have been present in every ancient civilisation and form of mysticism, both eastern and western. So today, it is my honour to share with you exactly what the sacred secretion is.

The sacred secretion has gone by many names – the alchemical wedding, the green lion, the Prima materia, Soma. It has been known as the Christ oil and Christos. Many more names have been used to code exactly what the sacred secretion is. In modern times, we know it as the sacred secretion due to the work of George Carey. But in every form of religious text, no matter how modern or ancient, that religion or spiritual system describes the sacred secretion.

Occult = Hidden Knowledge

In Hermeticism and even in Gnosticism, they describe the sacred secretion. Only in Hermeticism, it is decoded in what we know and revere as the Emerald Tablet. It’s quite amusing when we see modern academics examine the tablet, not knowing what to make of it and then summing it all up to super mystical altered consciousness, blah, blah, blah. In truth, it is actually describing the descent of the Prima Materia or the sacred fluid down from the colostrum all the way to the base of our spine into the sacrum. And it’s describing the alchemical transmutation and the alchemical process that takes place when we consciously use this sacred fluid and the secretion in a conscious manner to ascend it back up in that same feedback loop. Only this time, when it passes the Heart Center, the heart space, it is now becoming transmuted. And when it’s becoming transmuted, it’s spiritualising matter and materialising spirit. The Emerald Tablet is describing this alchemical process that’s taking place within the physical body.

But Hermeticism is by no means the only spiritual system to convey the sacred secretion. It has been known in every single different form of mysticism and in religion. The spiritual alchemy that we know in modern times as the sacred secretion is an ancient esoteric art-invaded tradition. This alchemy was a part of yoga, only it went by the name Soma and Agni. Soma represents the water element, but even deeper than that, Soma is the spiritual fluid that corresponds to the element of ether. It is an etheric substance, and Agni represents the fire element. These living waters of Soma that are produced by the human body, once our life force or spirit flows through the central column of the body, become synergised by the fire element, creating an alchemical process that is called etherisation. A substance gets etherised when it becomes more conscious. This is done by transforming a substance through the fire element.

When we are talking about fire in this context, it means the light of awareness, the light of our awareness, also manifests itself in our own physiology. The alchemist Fulcanelli revealed that there is dormant fire within every tissue of the body. When the fire element acts within the physiology, it manifests as heat generated by friction. And it is this fire or heat which has the ability to transmute the etheric substance known as Soma into its awakened, alive, or enlightened form. A more cryptic way of saying this is that the fire element within our own physiology transmutes the life waters into living waters. It is the esoteric knowledge that’s conveyed.

The Bible is a manual about physiological regeneration and astrology, written in code, providing us a path to enlightenment (atonement). 99% of the people believe the Bible is a historical book to be taken literally. It’s not, it’s about you and YOUR path to enlightenment. You are the Protagonist. No one’s coming to save you. All of these parables were written about and for you.

We have the exoteric sphere, and that’s when we take things in the Bible or things in any holy books as literal. The exoteric sphere is the layer of reality where we take all of these different parables and all of the different teachings and we think that they are flat out 100% literal. Then we have the esoteric sphere, and this is where we’re starting to understand and commune with these concepts at a deeper level. And then we have the esoteric sphere, and in the esoteric sphere, we have direct experience and direct knowledge and communion with these concepts. In this sphere, we are merging with our divinity, awakening to it, and it’s blossoming into our higher self.

The sacred secretion is the embodiment. It is the process of becoming our higher self in physical form. In my video, ‘The Alchemy of Water,’ I talk at great lengths about the Prima Materia and how it is the original primordial substance. It is consciousness in its most natural and mystical form. The Prima Materia is this fluid that gets secreted from the colostrum within the brain. Now, the colostrum is a part of the cerebrum. Having this spiritualised fluid, a tangible form of ether, manifested as the cerebral spinal fluid, and then it descends from the colostrum down all the way into the base of our spine. This is considered heaven because it’s coming into the physical vehicle through the crown center. It’s descending from heaven.

This etherised substance or primordial fluid gets secreted from the colostrum. When it makes its way to the third ventricle in the brain, also known as the Ark of the Covenant, the pineal gland and the pituitary gland further etherise it. They achieve this by contributing their own oils or secretions. The ‘land of milk and honey’ is when the pineal gland contributes its secretion of honey colour, and the pituitary gland contributes a secretion of milkish colour. Both contribute to further etherisation and the materialisation of the etheric substance. The substance then continues to travel down our body.

When it reaches the heart center, it has the opportunity to be used to activate it further. However, this occurs only in individuals who start to become conscious. Otherwise, if an individual is not interested in consciousness or acts unconsciously, the fluid is still being spiritualised and materialised by the pineal and pituitary glands. But, when making its way to the heart center, it doesn’t activate the fluid any further. It can’t ascend back up once it has gone all the way down to the base of the spine. This fluid continues traversing the length of the spine, but the heart center needs to be consciously activated in this entire process because the heart center is like the alchemical crucible. It is also known as the Taurus field and the generative principle.

The Heart Center needs to contribute. The colostrum initiates it, the Prima materia descends and is secreted from there. The pineal and pituitary glands both contribute to the Alchemy of creating and strengthening this spiritual substance. When it reaches the Heart Center, the heart center contributes to developing the potency of awakening this fluid by consciously willing itself to be activated.

This conscious willing that happens in the Heart Center involves participating in various practices that open the Heart Center. This includes practicing compassion, empathy, and seeing others, whoever is in our outer spirit, as ourselves. These practices contribute to activating the Heart Center. The Heart Center, being the crucible, also known as the Taurus field and the generative principle, enhances and amplifies the potency of the Christ oil.

The “Temple of God” is your body, not a building.

As it makes its way down the spine, this fluid now carries information imprinted from above and below, from our base consciousness all the way up to our Crown Center consciousness – Heaven and Earth, matter and spirit. All this information is now included in the fluid.

As it traverses and comes back up, it reactivates through the heart center. So, it needs to have cycles; it can’t just go down once, it has to go down and then up because there’s a different process happening when it’s going down. That alchemical process needs to be completed through going up because now, when it’s going back up through the heart center, the Heart Center as The Crucible is spiritualising it even more. It purifies it through the heart center. When it’s being purified through the spiritualisation happening within the Heart Center, it goes back up. When it reaches the top of our Crown, we have a new substance; we have materialised, in essence, this substance.

If we’re not consciously going through this practice of the Sacred secretion, meaning we’re not aware of it, and the oil descends, it doesn’t get to go through the Alchemy of our consciousness. So, we won’t have a chance to participate in the Alchemy of creating this substance so that by the time it comes back up, it is now a different form. It is now a spiritualised form that enhances our consciousness, develops Enlightenment, and embodies our higher self into the physical form. That is the deepest secret of the Sacred secretion.

The most occulted thing ever is that we become our higher self. And not just that we become our higher self through this practice that’s done for embodiment. A lot of times we hear about embodiment in the spiritual community, especially in the spirit of this age. And that’s because embodiment is the theme of The Sage. Embodiment and healing because embodiment and healing equal Awakening. So, Enlightenment, Awakening, embodiment are all the themes of this age, but they’re really just different ways of saying the same thing. They all refer to the same thing.

Well, the embodiment part of this whole process is this occulted practice of spiritualising that substance. Because when we consciously are aware that this is even taking place, that contributes to activating the process within us. Now, during this time that the Christ oil is making its way down from the land of milk and honey, and it’s going all the way down our spinal column, and it hits the solar plexus region.

The fluid, oil, or marrow which flows down the spinal cord, comes from the upper brain, the Creator or Father, the “Most High,” and is known in physiology as ovum, or generative seed that life essence which creates the human form of corruptible flesh. In the Greek, from which the New Testament was translated, this marrow is called Christ, which is the Greek word for oil.

The solar plexus region is also known as Bethlehem, House of Bread, because we all have an inner zodiac within us. So, this would be Virgo. In esoteric Christian terms, this would be the manger where little baby Jesus is. It’s in the manger in our solar plexus region. So, the seed is making its way to the solar plexus region. It’s passing the Heart Center, going from the first brain to the second brain – the true brain, but we’ll get to that later – and then it’s going to the third brain because the solar plexus region is also our third nervous system. It is the enteric nervous system. So, in esoteric or occult terminology, we have three brains: the father, the mother, and the son.

The sacred secretion needs to go to all three to materialise spirit. That happens in the solar plexus region and in the enteric nervous system. Once this oil is in the solar plexus region, there is an internal alchemical process taking place. There is a coalescing and an Alchemy being performed here with the fire element.

We have fire from above, which is the father, produced as the mental body through light. This could be seen as the highest or the Heavenly Fire. Then we have The Crucible that is the transmutative factor within the second brain – the heart. And then we have the solar plexus region, which is the third fire. All these different brains are producing and contributing their own fire because fire is what transmutes. Fire is the transformative agent in elements.

The solar plexus region is going through that alchemical process of the third brain and the third fire before it now gets raised back up. Now, the cerebral spinal fluid is going to come back up; it does continuously within a day. But when we’re consciously going through this act and process of the Sacred secretion, we’re consciously raising up this generative seed. It becomes generative to our entire being and our entire consciousness when we raise it back up. Only one-tenth of this seed even needs to survive.

One-tenth of the essence that goes through this whole process we raise back up. And when it hits our optic Thalamus on its way back up, that is when we start activating dormant nerves, dormant pathways within the brain. But also, this is where we start getting our regenerative possibilities. This is the Alchemy, the whole Alchemy, the whole reason for the sacred secretion is this alchemical process that creates regenerativeness within the body-mind-spirit complex. So, there’s an embodiment going on, and that’s reflected in the physiological activations produced through this regenerative process.

When we outsource consciousness and begin to outsource all of these different internal occult anatomy functions, that’s when we start creating degenerative circumstances or what I call calcification. The force in nature that calcifies when we’re consciously participating in this whole process. This is the human potential, the human capacity. This is one method of activating the highest potential and exalting the highest consciousness within the human form. Now, one would naturally ask, how do we raise one-tenth of this generative seed all the way to our optic Thalamus to activate these dormant nerves and reawaken different pathways inside our skull and cerebrum?

This is achieved through deliberate and conscious acts with a higher vibratory nature. Now, when discussing high vibratory nature versus low vibratory nature, certain things fall under the category that are obvious. So, I won’t get overly preachy or dogmatic, but I leave it up to you to use your own common sense to discern what is inherently low vibratory when it comes to higher vibratory acts.

During lower vibratory acts in this period when we’re consciously raising the sacred secretion back up into our skull, there’s engaging in healthy eating, meditating, practicing compassion, or simply understanding another person’s perspective. These are acts of self-love or love for others that heighten our vibration. That’s universally recognised. No one will argue that it’s high vibrational versus low vibrational. Contrastingly, consuming poor-quality foods or content falls under the category of low vibrational. These are just different things that emit bad vibes.

In this period, as we raise the generative seed back into the skull, we seek the highest vibratory way of existing in our environment. Engaging in gluttonous behaviour, for example, is not considered high vibrational. However, if we can discern our unconscious behaviours from our conscious ones and align with our conscious behaviours during this period, we can actively participate in our own evolution. This embodies the idea that alchemy is the fusion of art and nature. By engaging actively and consciously, using our awareness to bring about changes that enhance nature, we manifest art. This stands as a prime illustration of how our artistic endeavours align with the natural order, elevating it and contributing to our ongoing evolution.

This is a potent method to create art and utilise inner alchemy for the higher purpose of embodying our higher self. The sacred secretion initiates every lunar cycle when the moon is in our sun sign for optimal results. Commence these high vibrational practices two days before the moon enters your sun sign and continue for two days after it exits your sun sign.

The early Christians knew that the Scriptures, whether written in ancient Hebrew or the Greek, were allegories, parables or fables based on the human body, “fearfully and wonderfully made”.

As we raise the oil or seed up the vagus nerve, it reaches the base of the skull, remaining there for two and a half days—the time the moon spends in a sign before ascending to the optic Thalamus. At the base of the skull, the oil is crucified. Crucifying the substance doesn’t mean annihilation; quite the opposite. Crucifixion implies increasing in power a thousandfold, achieved by immersing this substance in the information field of the cranial nerves—the connective center between the brain and the spine—to fix it.

This entire process is encoded repeatedly in the stages of alchemy. Now, it stays at the base of the skull, known as the crucification place, Calvary. Calvary means crucification. Why does it stay at the base of the skull for three days? Why did the Jesus narrative depict Jesus as dead for three days until he rose again? Because crucifying is fixing. We are fixing the oil here. By fixing, I don’t mean it’s broken and needs repair. Fixing, in alchemical terms, is responding to the four different natures of our zodiac. It materialises further during this alchemical stage of the sacred secretion. It’s like a fixture. That’s what crucification means when discussed in spiritual alchemy and through esoteric understanding. So, it stays there to become fixed.

Then it ascends until it hits the optic Thalamus. When the seed reaches the optic Thalamus, this marks the anointing of the Christ oil. This stage signifies the successful completion of the cycle of the sacred secretion, occurring every 29.5 days, every moon cycle. Thus, we have 12 opportunities within a year to participate in this process already happening by default within our body. Yet, when we consciously engage in it, it becomes the sacred secretion.

Even though interpretations of high vibrational and low vibrational activities during this period are subjective, it’s crucial to mention that one thing activating this entire process during this seven-day period is the tongue. The tip of the tongue needs to be on the roof of the mouth. I cannot stress this enough: if the tip of the tongue is not fixed to the roof of the mouth, the entire circuitry has a challenging time activating. This circuitry helps awaken the cranial nerves. Mysticism even suggests that a 13th cranial nerve can emerge from this act. Closing that entire circuit is how we awaken those nerves, produce and direct the seed to ascend—achieved through placing the tip of the tongue at the roof of the mouth.

Without this process, it would be challenging to engage in higher vibrational activities when we’re not in the gnosis and the physiological actions we partake in for those regenerative pathways to be reawakened are hidden from us. I hope this helps you materialise Spirit.

God-Man: The Word Made Flesh

God-Man: The Word Made Flesh


The Zodiac and the Salts of Salvation

The Zodiac and the Salts of Salvation


Speak Directly to God/Source with the Power of Your Mind

Speak Directly to God/Source with the Power of Your Mind

Speak Directly to God/Source with the Power of Your Mind

Empowered Beauty

During a spiritual awakening, it’s all too common for us to feel disconnected from our higher power and intuition. Consequently, we may find it challenging to receive or translate communication. Today, I’ll be explaining precisely how our intuition and Source communicate with us.

The distance between us and the ability to hear Source and our higher self is the gap between our left brain and our left hemisphere to our right brain and our right hemisphere. The left brain represents our existence in space and time, embodying both symbolic and literal manifestations of these concepts. It houses our logic, reasoning capacities, higher-order faculties, and critical analytical skills.

The left brain specifically analyzes data, organizes, compiles, and synthesizes reality into the third-dimensional reality we know, live, and experience. This process occurs through the psychic impressions and emanations dwelling within the right brain and the right hemisphere of our body-mind-spirit.

The inner emanations of the right brain constitute the psychic, esoteric light that emanates outward, shaping our known reality. The ancient saying that we are the light illuminating our reality is not mere poetic rambling; it is the very truth of our being and experience.

The psychic impressions and emanations from the right brain are then analyzed and interpreted by our left brain, using logic and reason to the best of its ability. Understanding this schism and the resulting distance is crucial, as it is the root cause of feeling distant or incapable of hearing communication from our higher power. This disconnect is further exacerbated by our overidentification with the logical cerebral side, projecting interpretations into the psychic light.

When we cannot understand a phenomenon directly, we relate to it through projections—placing our perceptions on the psychic light within our being. The left hemisphere of the brain is connected to the right hemisphere of our body, and vice versa. The left hemisphere of the brain serves as the interface between us and the inner light of consciousness, acting as our spiritual antenna. It receives the signal and converts it into our third-dimensional physical reality.

Ever felt disconnected during a spiritual awakening? It's the left brain's logical fortress that often keeps us from the psychic light within. Time to fine-tune and open the spiritual antenna for whispers from our higher self.

Contrary to common belief, our inner light of consciousness animates our reality, and the outward light is a reflection of that. The left hemisphere, over-identified as the left hemisphere of our body-mind-spirit, struggles to perceive the communication from the right brain and right hemisphere of our body-mind-spirit, as it speaks a different language.

To bridge the gap between our hemispheres and connect with Source, the left brain must tune into the subtle realms of the right hemisphere. This involves a shift towards subtlety, contrary to the misconception that communication must be bold and loud. The subtleties of the psychic realms are far more nuanced than our expectations.

The second reason for this disconnect is our overidentification with the left hemisphere of our body-mind-spirit, primarily rooted in space-time. To access the subtleties of the right brain and imagination, the left brain must relax its overly analytical identification, allowing for creative communication and synapse reorganization.

The third step involves reorienting our identification to the ultimate truth—the coexistence of the left and right hemispheres within our consciousness. Accepting that we are Source helps overcome conditioned beliefs in separation and distance. Understanding the hermetic axiom of “As Within So Without” emphasizes that our reality mirrors our inner truth.

Crucially, our thoughts become the medium through which Source communicates with us. Distinguishing between lower mind chatter and divine communication within our thoughts is the challenge of spiritual awakening. Healing and integrating our being gradually clear the cerebral hyperactivity fostering separation from our divinity.

In essence, thoughts are abstract permeations within the sea of consciousness. The journey involves relaxing the mind into the heart space, where the heart tunes the brain’s antenna, facilitating communication with Source. This process invites a vast, opened feeling, devoid of emotional peaks but resonating with the invisible wavelengths of divine communication.

To enhance this connection, release anticipation and expectations regarding the form of communication. Validate and acknowledge the subtle yet clear communication that manifests through the ordinary yet profound channel of thoughts. By embracing these principles, we refine our connection with Source, paving the way for a deeper understanding of our spiritual journey.