hyaluronic acid serum

The Hyaluronic Acid Miracle

The key benefit of hyaluronic acid is hydration and that unbelievable ability to retain moisture. Skin hydration is important because hydrated skin looks plumper, healthier, and more vibrant. Hyaluronic acid serum has the power to deeply hydrate and bind moisture to cells, while being suitable for all skin types.

Hyaluronic acid is an essential part of connective, epithelial and neural tissues, and contributes to cell proliferation and migration. It is used as a stimulating agent for collagen synthesis and is a common ingredient in skincare products, a multi-billion dollar industry, as it is believed to be a key factor in fighting the ageing process.

SkinSense Hyaluronic Acid Serum supercharges the skin with moisture, giving you a dewy, healthy glow. It instantly plumps up the skin, locks in moisture and reveals a radiant, glowing and youthful complexion. Our high quality, organic, luxurious blend is formulated with a 2.6% concentration of multiple hyaluronic acid weights, plus other potent skin renewing ingredients.


Benefits of SkinSense Hyaluronic Acid Serum – Luxury Formulation

  • Skin cell regeneration
  • Reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles
  • Fast absorbing
  • Dewy and radiant skin
  • Deep hydration that lasts all day
  • Boosts collagen and elastin production
  • Fantastic humectant
  • Increased skin resilience
  • Fast absorbing
  • Detoxifies the skin
  • Natural, organic and luxurious anti-ageing formula for superior skin hydration
  • Suitable for all skin types | daily AM and PM use
  • Produced in small batches for outstanding quality and freshness
  • 100% natural ingredients, formulated without sulphates, parabens, phthalates, synthetic fragrance, SLSs or PEGs
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Hyaluronic acid is one of the most exciting anti-ageing molecules today and we’ve captured it in a unique, luxurious, organic and exceptional serum.

Marianne S | East London

“The moment I applied the hyaluronic acid serum I knew I loved it! The smell is so beautiful – I don’t need perfume. My hubby loves kissing my cheeks just to catch a wiff .. LOL!”

Francesco M | Llandudno

“I did well by my wife. She loves it! We are always looking for good quality, locally produced products. I actually found you by accident on Instagram – glad I did!”

Melony T | Constantia

“I look forward to my new morning ritual now. It’s an aromatherapy experience every morning which is a great start to my day. My colleagues and friends constantly asking me what perfume or skincare I use. I’ve converted many of them :)”

William S | Camps Bay

“I have come to realize now more than ever that one should be very aware of what you put in an on your body. Your products fit in perfectly with our natural, organic and high vibrational lifestyle!”

Deon B | Cape St Francis

“Thank you so much for your professional and exceptional service. Ordered our hyaluronic acid serum and received it within 48 hours. The purchase was effortless. Will definitely buy again.”

Bonang M | Johannesburg

I’ve been using your active botanical face oil and hyaluronic acid serum for the past year. One of the best skincare purchases I’ve made all year. My skin has improved exponentially! Thank you!”

What Does Hyaluronic Acid Do for Your Face?

Hyaluronic Acid keeps collagen development up by keeping skin moisturised. Since it doesn’t just work on the top layer, but also goes deeper, this helps collagen to continue forming. Collagen keeps skin supple and young!

hyaluronic acid reduces the appearance of wrinkles

Reduces the appearance of wrinkles. Hyaluronic acid serum helps to reduce wrinkles, firm up skin, improve texture, and replenishes cell moisture. Since dehydrated skin is one of the main causes of wrinkles, hyaluronic acid replenishes lost moisture and helps reduce the appearance of any fine lines.

hyaluronic acid dewy skin

Dewy skin. This is a trait commonly sought through the use of moisturizers, oils, or highlighters, but hyaluronic acid serum adds moisture to the skin, which in turn gives your skin a more dewy look.

hyaluronic acid serum hydration

Hydration. Hyaluronic acid’s main uses and benefits are keeping skin moist and lubricated. It helps to replenish and hold cell moisture, leading to hydrated, plump skin.It is a superstar at alleviating dry skin.

hyaluronic acid smooth and radiant skin

Smooth and radiant skin. Hyaluronic acid serum helps to reduce the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles retaining moisture to the skin, creating a plumping effect. When the skin is protected and hydrated, increased skin cell production can take place, as the skin isn’t busy fighting for hydration. This leads to smoother, plumper skin cells.

hyaluronic acid increased resilience

Increased resilience. A good tip to remember: preservatives used in a lot of products can break down your barrier by killing off the good bacteria that also defend the surface of your skin against toxins. The result is a loss of moisture, as well as potential irritation and even infection. Our Hyaluronic Acid Serum + Active Botanical Oil provide a double barrier: not just against the many external stressors, such as pollution, but also against the excessive loss of water.

hyaluronic acid serum fast absorbing

Fast absorbing: Unlike various other skincare and hyaluronic-containing products, SkinSense Hyaluronic Acid Serum rapidly absorbs into the skin due to the ULMW formulation.

hyaluronic acid humectant

Humectant. Hyaluronic acid serums are moisture binders, which means that they attach themselves to water in the cells making them plump. Hyaluronic acid can draw moisture from the air and keep your skin moist, holding almost 1000 times its weight in water. It’s not only a moisturizer, it has the ability to hold extra moisture.

hyaluronic acid stimulates skin cell regeneration

Stimulates skin cell regeneration. Hyaluronic acid helps promote skin cell regeneration by offering extra hydration and barrier protection to the skin. This naturally leads to healthier cells and a more dewy complexion.

hyaluronic acid serum suitable for all skin types

Non-irritating: For the most part, hyaluronic acid is non-irritating and safe for use with all skin types.

Young skin is smooth and elastic because it contains large amounts of hyaluronic acid. With age, the ability of the skin to produce hyaluronic acid decreases leaving the skin unhealthy and wrinkled. That’s why topically applied hyaluronic acid serum is such a powerful anti-aging cosmeceutical.

Hyaluronic Acid Molecular Weights

The molecular weight of hyaluronic acid has to do with its mass, or how big the HA molecule is. This is measured in something called daltons for short or unified atomic mass units.

Different molecular weights penetrate to different levels of the skin. Molecules with lower molecular weight are smaller, and can therefore reach the deeper layers of skin. There, they sustain skin’s moisture content. Hyaluronic acid serums with higher molecular weights, on the other hand, remain closer to the surface, where they can deliver the most visible results with a shorter life-span as the results will be washed away with the next cleansing ritual.

Below are the various molecular weights of hyaluronic acid:

  • High molecular weight (HMW) HA = 1.0 – 1.5 Million Daltons (1000 – 1,500 kDa)
  • Low molecular weight (LMW) HA = 0.8 – 1.0 Million Daltons (800 – 1000  kDA)
  • Extra Low Molecular Weight (ELMW) HA = 80,000 – 110,000 Daltons (80 – 100 kDa)
  • Super Low Molecular Weight (SLMW) HA = less than 50,000 Daltons (50 kDa)
  • Ultra Low Molecular Weight (ULMW) HA = lesss than 6,000 Daltons (6 kDa)

Ultra-low-molecular-weight hyaluronic acid serums have the highest skin penetration ability among all types of hyaluronic acid serums. It is one of the most effective ingredients to restore the youthfulness of the skin from within. As anti-ageing aficionados, we use at least 69% ultra-low-molecular-weight hyaluronic acid in our formulation. It is an extremely expensive ingredient but it is worth it if you want great results. Remember, you get what you pay for!

In order to maximize the benefits of our Hyaluronic Youth Serum, we highly recommend adding an occlusive or emollient ingredient into your routine, like our Active Botanical Face Oil. It seals in the moisture drawn into skin by the hyaluronic acid, and the two work together to ensure skin is both hydrated and stays that way. To offset this inevitable moisture loss — and therefore minimize dryness, lines and wrinkles, and other signs of ageing — it is important to incorporate it into your daily routine to ensure you can reap all of the benefits.

hyaluronic acid serum
hyaluronic acid serum

Hyaluronic acid or HA is a naturally occurring glycosaminoglycans found throughout the body’s connective tissue. Glycosaminoglycans are simply long unbranched carbohydrates, or sugars, called polysaccharides.

Hyaluronic acid is the main component of the extracellular matrix, the thing that holds cells together to form living tissue like skin. It gives your skin structure, is responsible for that plump-hydrated looking effect, plays a pivotal role in the wound healing process, and decreases as we age making us more susceptible to sagging and wrinkles.

Furthermore, hyaluronic acid is an incredible hydrator, meaning it locks moisture in, leaving skin plumper and smoother. It is also known as hyaluronan, is a clear, gooey substance that is naturally produced by your body. The largest amounts of it are found in your skin, connective tissue and eyes. Its main function is to retain water to keep your tissues well lubricated and moist.

SkinSense Hyaluronic Youth Serum is handcrafted with superior quality, organic ingredients. You won’t find better quality hyaluronic youth serum in this price range anywhere in South Africa – GUARANTEED or YOUR MONEY BACK!

Hyaluronic | pronounced : hiya-loo-ron-nick

Hyaluronic acid is also known as : Hyaluronate, Acide Hyaluronique, Ácido Hialurónico, HA, Glycoaminoglycan, Glycoaminoglycane, Hyaluran, Hyaluronan, Hyaluronate de Sodium, Hyaluronate Sodium, Hylan, Sodium Hyaluronate or mispronounced as Hydraulic Acid

  • Smooth and Soft Skin 87% 87%
  • Immediate Hydration 93% 93%
  • Less Wrinkles & Lines | 3-4 weeks 96% 96%
  • Radiant Complextion 89% 89%
  • Dewy, Glowing Skin 95% 95%

Hyaluronic Acid Serum | Ingredients

SkinSense Hyaluronic Acid Serum is a luxurious, rose-infused formula that delivers intense hydration to keep dry, dull skin supple and dewy. It firms and tightens, whilst reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Your skin vibrates in perfect harmony.

ORGANIC & WILDCRAFTEDSkinSense Hyaluronic Acid Serum is naturally formulated, with organically grown and wildcrafted ingredients. We work with small farmers to ensure top quality essential oils to offer you the most potent, handcrafted botanical product available. Our products are sustainably packaged, cruelty-free, environment-friendly and handcrafted in South Africa.

● Paraben free ● Alcohol free ● Transparent labeling ● No artificial colours ● No artificial scents ● No GMO-sourced ingredients

Handcrafted in small batches. Our hyaluronic acid serum is wildcrafted, 100% organic, natural and handmade in small batches. We research, curate, infuse, and combine our carefully sourced ingredients to create the most effective skin care possible. Our goal is to bring the luxury of natural skincare to the everyday beauty routine.

hyaluronic acid serum
hyaluronic acid serum ingredients
hyaluronic acid serum

Hyaluronic Acid Serum + Active Botanical Face Oil

Brighten, renew, tighten, equalize, regenerate and defend with this luxurious skincare duo. A clean, high-performance formula designed to optimize your daily beauty regimen without sacrificing results. Smoother, brighter and revitalised-looking skin begins to emerge within only 14 days. Pores look diminished, skin appears to brighten as dark spots, fine lines and wrinkles visibly fade.

HYDRATION vs MOISTURE. Often used interchangeably, hydration and moisture are in fact two distinct needs of all skin. Hydrating the skin means increasing its water content, one of the most basic building blocks of skin cells and a must for a well-functioning, balanced complexion. Moisturising involves the use of oils to nourish and strengthen the skin’s natural lipid barrier, seal in vital hydration and protect against external aggressors. This need for both water to hydrate and oil to moisturise is the foundation for how SkinSense Hyaluronic Youth Serum and Active Botanical Oil work together to support healthy, naturally radiant skin.

Organic Anti-Ageing Oil
Active Botanical Face Oil. Nourish & Transform Your Skin

Active Botanical Face Oil is a luxurious anti-ageing oil which acts as an emollient and formulated with 14 ambitiously regenerating and indulgent plant and botanical oils for nourishing and regenerative cell renewal. At the heart of this transformative oil is a 33-day process which begins with base oils followed by the meticulous infusion of high-performance plants, ensuring their full spectrum of nutrition is captured. 

  • 14 Restorative essential extracts for a healthy radiance
  • Balancing minerals
  • Brightening vitamins
  • Nourishing omegas
  • Moisturizing fatty acids
  • Restorative phytonutrients
  • Free-radical fighting antioxidants
  • Suitable for all skin types | daily AM and PM use
  • 100% natural ingredients, formulated without parabens, sulphates, synthetic fragrance, phthalates, PEGs or SLSs.
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Hugh S | Franschhoek

Initially bought this for my wife, but ended up also using the oil daily. My skin feels great and I’ve noticed that I have much less bumps on my cheeks and neck. Definitely a keeper. Thanks for a great product.

Taylor M | Umhlanga

My husband loves the smell of this oil! A little goes a long way and in combination with the face oil my skin feels hydrated and nourished all day long. Thanks a million!

Simone V | Plett

After trying the hyaluronic and face oil for about a month, I am convinced! My skin has never looked better or more moisterised. It is now my little beauty secret.

Lezanne P | Durbanville

Ek wil net vir jou sê dat ek baie beïndruk is met jou produkte. Ek het lank gesoek vir iets wat natuurlik en organies is. Dit is min dat mens ‘n produk kry wat kwaliteit resultate lewer. Dankie! 

Jillian D | Sandton

Bought this for myself as a birthday prezzie 😉 I’m really happy with the results and also love the smell of the hyaluronic serum. It glides on smoothly and absorbs beautifully.

SkinSense Active Botanical Oil

Active Botanical Face Oil is a powerful, multi-correctional anti-ageing face oil infused with 14 ambitiously regenerating and indulgent plant and botanical oils. 

These superior quality oils are sourced from conscious growers around the globe and takes 33 days to complete. Our potent concentration delivers optimal ratios of healing phytonutrients, free-radical fighting antioxidants, nourishing fatty acids, and brightening vitamins to renew, repair, protect, and tone the skin. This infusion contains cold-pressed botanical oils and essential oils of the highest-grade to amplify the performance of this serum.

SkinSense Active Botanical Oil Ingredients
hyaluronic acid serum

Active Botanical Face Oil | Nourish, Protect, Renew


Smooth and Soft Skin


Immediate Moisture


Less Lines and Wrinkles - average 3-4 weeks


Nourished, Radiant Skin


Youthful, Glowing Skin

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what is hyaluronic acid?

Hyaluronic Acid |  Definition, Benefits and Molecular Weights


Despite the use of the word “acid,” hyaluronic acid is not an exfoliator, but actually a lightweight yet incredibly powerful skin humectant that keeps your skin moisturised all day long

It is found naturally in our bodies so it is an ingredient that is highly compatible for our skin. The kind your body naturally produces is a humectant, a healer, a protector, and a plumper.

The hyaluronic acid within our bodies holds a thousand times its weight in water to not only retain all that moisture in our skin and joints, but also prevent all that moisture from evaporating into the air.

Just like collagen and elastin, the amount of naturally-occurring hyaluronic acid in our bodies decreases as we get older.


Despite the use of the word “acid,” hyaluronic acid is not an exfoliator, but actually a lightweight yet incredibly powerful skin humectant that keeps your skin moisturised all day long

It is found naturally in our bodies so it is an ingredient that is highly compatible for our skin. The kind your body naturally produces is a humectant, a healer, a protector, and a plumper.

The hyaluronic acid within our bodies holds a thousand times its weight in water to not only retain all that moisture in our skin and joints, but also prevent all that moisture from evaporating into the air.

Just like collagen and elastin, the amount of naturally-occurring hyaluronic acid in our bodies decreases as we get older.

How do I use hyaluronic acid serum?

Hyaluronic acid is an ideal ingredient for applying over damp skin so that it can draw water into your skin to leave it intensely hydrated. It is really important that it is sealed with a finishing facial oil or moisteriser to maximise its effectiveness. Oils penetrate better and their particles are much smaller than moisterisers, leading to superior absorption – see our SkinSense Organic Active Botanical Anti-Ageing Oil.

As hyaluronic acid serum is a lightweight watery fluid, it is important to apply BEFORE your heavier oils or creams.

We love that our hyaluronic acid serum is super compatible and works alongside any other skincare products like retinols, vitamin serums etc.

what are the benefits of hyaluronic acid?

The key benefit of hyaluronic acid is hydration and that unbelievable ability to retain moisture.

To understand how important moisture is for the skin, you have to first know that dehydrated skin — when the top layer of skin doesn’t have enough water — appears dry, rough, and flaky.

Skin hydration is important because hydrated skin looks more plump, healthier, more vibrant and younger too. 


Hyaluronic acid is non-comedogenic – meaning it hydrates without clogging your pores, making it a great moisturizer for oily and acne prone skin.

Many times we see oily skin concerns often caused by dehydration and over washing. You can still have oily skin and still be severely dehydrated. 

Unlike other moisturising ingredients, hyaluronic acid is incredibly lightweight so if you have oily skin, it can really help maintain hydration without heaviness.


Wrinkles come about from the loss of three important components in the skin: collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin. If elastin is not bathed in water it becomes dry and brittle.

Hyaluronic acid revitalizes skin’s outer layers so they look and feel softer, smoother, and glowingly hydrated to instantly improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Use SkinSense Hyaluronic Acid Youth Serum twice daily to assist deep hydration.


Hyaluronic acid, also known as hyaluronan, is a clear, gooey substance that is naturally produced by your body. The largest amounts of it are found in your skin, connective tissue and eyes.

Although hyaluronic acid can be found naturally in most every cell in the body, it’s greatest concentrations are found in the skin tissue. Almost half the body’s hyaluronic acid is found in the skin’s collagen.

It is found in both the skin’s deep underlying dermal areas as well as the visible epidermal top layers. Young skin is smooth and elastic and contains large amounts of hyaluronic acid. It keeps the skin stay young and healthy.

HYALURONIC ACID molecular weights

The molecule sizes of different hyaluronic acids vary from bigger molecules that sit closer to the skin’s surface to smaller ones that go in deeper into the epidermis.

For a hyaluronic acid serum to deliver both instant and long-lasting effects, you need a combination of molecular weights.

Low- and medium-weight hyaluronic acid molecules penetrate deeper into the skin’s structure, providing maximum below-the-surface hydration and in turn rehydrating skin cells over time.

High-weight hyaluronic acid molecules deliver immediate intensive hydration to the surface layers of the skin for an instant smoothing and firming effect.

Our skin actually contains hyaluronic acid itself, and so this bottling of multi-weight molecules in many ways mimics what’s going on in skin. The different weights may signal different cellular responses in the skin, triggering different pathways of healing and repair mechanisms.


SkinSense Hyaluronic Acid Serum is neither fatty nor occlusive (pore clogging). 

It turns out that hyaluronic acid also provides an antioxidant defense against environmental assaultNow that’s what we call a multitasking anti-aging ingredient!


An ultra-low-molecular-weight hyaluronic acid serum penetrates the skin at the deepest level and is of the most effective ingredients to restore the youthfulness of the skin from within. Most products on the market don’t contain this form of hyaluronic acid as it is an extremely expensive ingredient. Our luxury formula contains 69% and therefore very effective. Remember, you get what you pay for!

To moisturise the skin and prevent the loss of hydration, it’s good to make use of a perfect duo: humectants and emollients. The substances complement each other because they help deliver water to deep layers of skin (humectants) and create a coating that keeps water from evaporating (emollients). Apply Hyaluronic Youth Serum on clean, bare skin followed immediately by the Active Botanical Oil while skin is still damp. 


As we age, we lose collagen and hyaluronic acid naturally, so the skin becomes dehydrated more easily.

Just like your natural levels of collagen and elastin start to decline with time, so does your hyaluronic acid. In fact, they may drop as dramatically as 50% by the time you’re 40.

Both hyaluronic acid and collagen are important because they maintain the skin’s layers and structure. Collagen firms the skin while hyaluronic acid nourishes and hydrates the collagen.

Hyaluronic acid retains water, keeping the collagen moist and elastic. With age, the ability of the skin to produce hyaluronic acid decreases.

Hyaluronic acid provides continuous moisture to the skin by binding up to 1000 times its weight in water.

Companies Claiming Higher Concentrations of Hyaluronic Acid?

There are suppliers that claim higher hyaluronic acid levels in their products, but technically it’s just not possible. Sodium hyaluronate (smaller molecule of hyaluronic acid) typically makes up 1 to 2 percent of a solution, which is primarily comprised of water. 

Claims of 10%, 75% and even a ludicrous 100% hyaluronic acid or sodium hyaluronate are simply misleading. To be clear .. 100% would be pure powder and 5% would be like rubber.

In any case, high concentrations would act as a sponge and simply draw out moisture from the skin, thus causing dryness. Any honest and responsible formulator will tell you that it’s not possible to formulate a HA serum at more than 2.6% sodium hyaluronate.

Is it OK to use hyaluronic acid every day?

The best is to apply once in the morning, and once in the evening – every single day if you can as part of your daily skincare regimen.

Apply to clean, bare and damp skin and immediately follow with your favourite (hopefully organic) skincare oil or moisteriser.

does hyaluronic acid have any side effects?

Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance in our skin, and as a result one shouldn’t expect any problems. If people complain of rashes or any other issues related to hyaluronic acid containing products, it is often a result of a another ingredient, such as chemicals, parabens or preservatives.


Hyaluronic acid instantly improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and improves skin hydration after 15 minutes of application.

In truth, the full benefits of any skincare ingredient will only show in 6-8 weeks once the full skin-cell turnover has taken place.

For your face, it takes approximately between 40 to 56 days for the cells to replicate. The cell turnover for the body is between 28 to 40 days. In general, the human body is produces about 3.8 million cells every second.

In those age 50 and older, the skin renewal process can take up to 84 days.

This slowdown in your body’s ability to replace skin cells has several effects on the appearance of your skin such as wrinkles, sagging and other visible signs of ageing.

Boosting moisture is the basis of plumper, younger looking skin – no matter it’s type. 

hyaluronic acid serum

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Hyaluronic Acid Serum

Hyaluronic Acid Serum

Hyaluronic Acid Serum

Hyaluronic Acid Serum

Hyaluronic Acid Serum

Hyaluronic Acid Serum

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