Speak Directly to God/Source with the Power of Your Mind

4 Dec 2023 | MIND, SOUL

Empowered Beauty

During a spiritual awakening, it’s all too common for us to feel disconnected from our higher power and intuition. Consequently, we may find it challenging to receive or translate communication. Today, I’ll be explaining precisely how our intuition and Source communicate with us.

The distance between us and the ability to hear Source and our higher self is the gap between our left brain and our left hemisphere to our right brain and our right hemisphere. The left brain represents our existence in space and time, embodying both symbolic and literal manifestations of these concepts. It houses our logic, reasoning capacities, higher-order faculties, and critical analytical skills.

The left brain specifically analyzes data, organizes, compiles, and synthesizes reality into the third-dimensional reality we know, live, and experience. This process occurs through the psychic impressions and emanations dwelling within the right brain and the right hemisphere of our body-mind-spirit.

The inner emanations of the right brain constitute the psychic, esoteric light that emanates outward, shaping our known reality. The ancient saying that we are the light illuminating our reality is not mere poetic rambling; it is the very truth of our being and experience.

The psychic impressions and emanations from the right brain are then analyzed and interpreted by our left brain, using logic and reason to the best of its ability. Understanding this schism and the resulting distance is crucial, as it is the root cause of feeling distant or incapable of hearing communication from our higher power. This disconnect is further exacerbated by our overidentification with the logical cerebral side, projecting interpretations into the psychic light.

When we cannot understand a phenomenon directly, we relate to it through projections—placing our perceptions on the psychic light within our being. The left hemisphere of the brain is connected to the right hemisphere of our body, and vice versa. The left hemisphere of the brain serves as the interface between us and the inner light of consciousness, acting as our spiritual antenna. It receives the signal and converts it into our third-dimensional physical reality.

Ever felt disconnected during a spiritual awakening? It's the left brain's logical fortress that often keeps us from the psychic light within. Time to fine-tune and open the spiritual antenna for whispers from our higher self.

Contrary to common belief, our inner light of consciousness animates our reality, and the outward light is a reflection of that. The left hemisphere, over-identified as the left hemisphere of our body-mind-spirit, struggles to perceive the communication from the right brain and right hemisphere of our body-mind-spirit, as it speaks a different language.

To bridge the gap between our hemispheres and connect with Source, the left brain must tune into the subtle realms of the right hemisphere. This involves a shift towards subtlety, contrary to the misconception that communication must be bold and loud. The subtleties of the psychic realms are far more nuanced than our expectations.

The second reason for this disconnect is our overidentification with the left hemisphere of our body-mind-spirit, primarily rooted in space-time. To access the subtleties of the right brain and imagination, the left brain must relax its overly analytical identification, allowing for creative communication and synapse reorganization.

The third step involves reorienting our identification to the ultimate truth—the coexistence of the left and right hemispheres within our consciousness. Accepting that we are Source helps overcome conditioned beliefs in separation and distance. Understanding the hermetic axiom of “As Within So Without” emphasizes that our reality mirrors our inner truth.

Crucially, our thoughts become the medium through which Source communicates with us. Distinguishing between lower mind chatter and divine communication within our thoughts is the challenge of spiritual awakening. Healing and integrating our being gradually clear the cerebral hyperactivity fostering separation from our divinity.

In essence, thoughts are abstract permeations within the sea of consciousness. The journey involves relaxing the mind into the heart space, where the heart tunes the brain’s antenna, facilitating communication with Source. This process invites a vast, opened feeling, devoid of emotional peaks but resonating with the invisible wavelengths of divine communication.

To enhance this connection, release anticipation and expectations regarding the form of communication. Validate and acknowledge the subtle yet clear communication that manifests through the ordinary yet profound channel of thoughts. By embracing these principles, we refine our connection with Source, paving the way for a deeper understanding of our spiritual journey.