Breaking the Mold: How Mewing Challenges Traditional Orthodontics

10 Jan 2024 | BODY

mewing to look younger

In the tapestry of allure, your face is the canvas upon which the nuances of attractiveness unfold. The contours, angles, and symmetry intricately woven into its shape hold the key to timeless charm. Enter mewing—a subtle yet potent technique that not only unveils the fountain of youth but also promises a symphony of straightened teeth.

Prepare to witness a transformation where the sculpting of your facial canvas isn’t just an aesthetic endeavor but a gateway to regaining youthfulness and aligning your teeth with elegant precision. Join us in this expedition through the nexus of facial aesthetics and mewing, where the journey to a more attractive, youthful you begins.

Mewing is a technique that aims to improve your health and facial features by placing your tongue on the roof of your mouth. The goal is to align your teeth, enhance cheekbones, sharpen your jawline, and even naturally straighten your nose – all without surgery or expensive orthodontics.

What Is Mewing?

In your skull, there are sutures or cracks that help bones grow evenly as children. One of them is on the roof of your mouth. Applying consistent tongue pressure on this suture can stimulate facial growth, a theory called Orthotropics.

Orthotropics, meaning ‘straight growth,’ was inspired by Dr. John Mew, who found ways to grow facial bones without surgery. His son, Dr. Mike Mew, now carries on this knowledge. The focus is on holistic facial development.

Crooked teeth are often addressed with expensive orthodontics. Instead, understanding the root cause is crucial. Environmental factors play a role, contrary to the belief that genetics alone influence facial growth. The orthodontic solution aligns teeth but doesn’t address underlying causes.

Mewing involves keeping your tongue on the roof of your mouth, helping proper jaw development. This technique emphasizes natural facial growth and addresses issues like mouth breathing, which affects teeth alignment.

Contrary to orthodontic beliefs, our ancestors had well-aligned teeth without treatments. Extracting teeth or wearing retainers post-treatment doesn’t address the root cause – the improper growth of the face. The goal is to develop the whole face to naturally align teeth.

Mewing may also reduce wrinkles and improve airways, potentially increasing lifespan.

Modern Diets and Teeth Extraction = Smaller Jaws and Cheekbones

Mewing encourages facial expansion, avoiding the need for invasive procedures. Facial appearance is interconnected, and improper growth can affect nose shape, cheekbones, and wrinkles.

Mewing isn’t just about appearance; it can also improve airways, reduce snoring, and potentially lead to a healthier life. Orthodontic treatments, on the other hand, have drawbacks such as braces, costs, teeth extraction, and the risk of relapse.

Surgery, like orthognathic and plastic surgery, comes with high costs, health risks, and potential unnatural results. Plastic surgery may not address the underlying causes and can lead to addiction and mental health issues.

Society’s beauty standards shift over time. Instead of chasing trends, embrace timeless beauty by striving for the best version of yourself. Princess Diana’s beauty was more than skin deep, emphasizing the importance of self-worth.

Now, How To Mew?

It involves consistent tongue posture, proper body posture, and techniques like the N-spot, cheesy swallow, Mona Lisa swallow, and suction hold. Mewing also includes good breathing habits and chewing properly. For the best results, consistency is key.

Using proper techniques is crucial for mewing. Here are 5 steps to help you practice mewing:

1. Close your mouth and put your teeth together.
2. Create a vacuum in your mouth by swallowing a couple of times until your tongue is ‘glued’ to the roof of your mouth.
3. The tip of your tongue should be resting just behind the ‘ridge’ behind your front teeth.
4. Make sure the back 1/3 of your tongue is properly engaged.
5. Continue to breathe through your nose.

In summary, mewing stands as a natural pathway to enhance facial features, bypassing the necessity for costly and intrusive interventions. Celebrate your distinct features, pursue self-betterment, and contemplate mewing as a comprehensive method for achieving a more captivating facial contour and refined dental alignment.