Beyond Luck: The SPEC Method that Won A Woman Over 5000 Contests

28 Nov 2023 | MIND

SPEC Method

The first time you win something, I’d imagine those around you would think, ‘Oh, that’s pretty cool.’ The second time you win a contest, they think you’re on a lucky streak. Perhaps around the tenth time, they’d assume you’re just a very lucky person. And by the time you win your brand new 400m2 fully furnished home, I’d imagine there’d be some envy.

But what would they think after your 50th win, your 100th? How about after 1,000 wins? How many times would you have to win before people started realizing that maybe there’s something more here? Maybe you’re wrecking the system or maybe you’ve unlocked a code, some sort of metaphysical formula which ensures that no matter which contest you enter, no matter how high the stakes are, you always win.

Today, let’s learn the winning method of the contest queen, the woman who wins every contest she enters, the winning sage, Helene Hadsell, the woman who won over 5,000 contests.

"Honey, you can try and try and try the rest of your life. That, to me, is negative. You take 'try' out of your vocabulary. It's coming, it's coming, and that's it. Trying means you keep on trying. I never try, I do something." Helene Hadsell

The History of Helene Hadsell

Here we’ll touch briefly on the history of Helene Hadsell. But if it is something that you’re not interested in, that is totally okay. Feel free to skip ahead to the next section where we will learn about the SPEC method.

Helene and her family began their new hobby of entering contests back in 1948. The first thing she ever won was a perm kit. However, she only won this one year later, in 1949. Interestingly enough, though, she continued to enter contests and rarely won anything. This went on for approximately 10 years. In 1957, after taking a correspondence course on contest writing, the family began to experience more luck, frequently winning multiple prizes from food mixers, toys, and presumably other minor items.

However, it wasn’t until 1959, when after reading Norman Vincent Peale’s ‘The Power of Positive Thinking,’ that she began to learn how to win every time. From this point on, it appeared as though she couldn’t lose. She just kept winning—multiple trips to Disneyland, New York, and Europe. Life was wonderful. In spite of the success, Helene was not yet satisfied. She wanted to win something big, and she knew exactly how.

At the 1964-65 New York World’s Fair, the Formica Corporation had an exhibit where they displayed a house. The company ran a contest in which the grand prize was a fifty-thousand-dollar replica of that house, to be built anywhere in the United States, lot included. For reference, fifty thousand dollars is about five hundred thousand dollars in today’s money. Of course, the grand prize of this magnitude would entice even a skeptic to enter, and everyone did—about 1.5 million people, in fact. But this amount of entries did not shake the faith of Helene. She knew she had already won and she prepared for that house as though it were hers. Now, could faith alone really help one person beat out 1.5 million other people? They were all deserving; they all took that necessary action towards the fulfillment of their house by entering the contest. Could the SPEC method really be that powerful and favorable for one woman who chose to use it?

I’d love to keep the minor suspense going, but I won’t. Helene won that house, deciding to have it built in Irving, Texas.

What is this powerful SPEC method?

The SPEC Formula

1. Select It: Define your desire. What do you want that feels reasonable for you to have? Now, of course, anything you want is reasonable for you now, but you are still a human being rooted in logic. If it feels illogical for you to attain a billion dollars overnight, then I wouldn’t recommend starting with this. The first recorded item Helene ever won after practicing her methods was an outboard motor. Now, this doesn’t mean that you have to start with a cup of coffee. It’s only a recommendation for you to choose a goal that is both important to you and seems rational for you to have now, and then work your way up. Ask yourself, what is the most important goal I wish to accomplish? Think about it seriously. Is it positive, constructive, and creative? Sort of imagine having it, feel how it feels to have it. How will it change your lifestyle? After selecting your goal…

2. Project It: Have it right now in your current reality. Eerily similar to Neville Goddard’s SATS technique, lull yourself into a meditative state, and within your imagination, create a short scene where you have now achieved what it is that you want. It’s in your possession right now. What’s most important about this session is that you feel the natural feelings of having what it is that you want. As a personal note, I like to focus on the mediocrity and the normalcy of having my desire in my life now, like pumping the gas in my new car or having to drill a hole in my wall to hang my play button. The reason for this is reminding myself of the general upkeep takes my thing off the pedestal.

3. Expect It: Change your expectations and you change your conditions. Begin to act as if you expect success, happiness, and abundance. Prepare for good. After projecting your selection, expect it. This is a very calm, still, and quiet knowing within yourself that you already have it. An analogy for you is online shopping. The day you purchase your item isn’t the day you receive it. The moment you project your goal may not be the moment that you physically receive it, but you bought it. It’s yours. Now, go prepare a place for it. Helene reported that, prior to winning her dream home, she had already picked out a lot and had plans drawn up before she was declared the winner. And before she won an international trip, she had already acquired the passports and the immunizations required before actually winning it.

4. Collect It: After you’ve selected, projected, and expected your goal, now all you’ve got to do is collect it. Basically, when it comes looking for you, collect it. And that’s the SPEC method.

And now, I know you didn’t think I’d end this video without over-explaining a few of Helene’s manifesting mindset things, right?

Helene’s Manifesting Mindset

The SPEC method is sweet and simple and will yield success to anyone who uses it correctly. However, you cannot plant a palm tree in the wrong frozen environment and expect it to grow. Your mind is a garden, and the goal is to cultivate an environment that is so fertile that no matter which method you try for anything you want to accomplish, it can grow. Helene Hadsell had a very rich mindset that made her incredibly attracted to anything she selected. There’s no failure, only delay in results. As you develop positive thinking, success replaces failure until you can no longer fail.